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Ok, work in progress…New blog. Not that I’d exhausted my old one, but for reasons that I don’t need to get into (okay, I just had to change my email address), I decided to change the blog. Is that okay with everyone? Ok, as most of you know, the main purpose of this blog is so that I can talk to all of you while I’m at Sundance and keep you apprised about all of my celeb sightings. And, of course, I thought it would also help to make me look busy when I’m petrified of talking to all of the folks in the Village. Not that it’s called that, but it reminds me of when Heather and Dale and I talked incessantly about the 2002 Olympic Village and the shenanigans that must have gone on in there, which was before we all saw Munich and realized that shenanigans are not always funny. I thought that was a good movie.

Now then, onto Project Runway. Thoughts on this season? So far, I’m not enamoured of it, but I’m trying not to be all, “Season 2 was the best.” Especially because I very much liked Season 3. Anyway, I thought what’s his name did kind of get screwed with the polyester wedding gown — I was shocked when Michael Kors said that he had wonderful (or whatever superlative adjective it was) fabric with which to work — because, really, what was that? I felt that woman was trying to sabotage whomever she was working with. Though not really because she actually seemed really sweet.

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