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Back home

So, as most of you know, I’m back home in Wisco. Although the weather is ridiculous, I’m so happy to be home, sleeping in a bed, next to my puppy and able to eat more than once a day if I want. If I ever had need of a vacation from my vacation, though, this would be it.

So, in sum, this was my Sundance experience:

1.  Celebrities: Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, almost-Steven Spielberg, Colin Firth, Adrian Grenier (twice), Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid, Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Josh Hartnett, Mischa Barton, Martin McDonagh, and Tom Arnold (I’m not sure he counts).

2.  Movies: I saw Be Kind, Rewind (A-); Absurdistan (A); Donkey Punch (C+); Choke (D); Assassination of a High School President (A-); August (D); and Chronic Town (B). Movies I wanted to see but didn’t get to: Bottle Shock; The Broken; American Teen; Alone in Four Walls; Be Like Others; The Deal; Frozen River; In Bruges; Funny Games; The Great Buck Howard; Hamlet 2; I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster; King of Ping Pong; The Linguists; Love Comes Lately; Man on Wire; Mancora; Red; Riprendimi; Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired; Secrecy; and Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?

3.  Weather: it was cold. Not as cold as home, but I don’t usually stand outside in January in Wisconsin for seven hours a day for ten days in a row. So, it was cold and I was very tired of carting around an extra forty pounds in layered clothing at 8000 feet. Rough going.

4.  Hungry: I ate a lot of Zone bars (free) and bagels (free). I did not eat anything actually hot or resembling a meal, really, until Sarayu got there and she and I only tried that a handful of times.

5.  Lonely: the first days were rough. It felt like a summer camp where everyone knows each other, but you know no one. And it’s not at all like summer camp because it’s freezing and there’s snow everywhere. But my roommates were really nice and I grew to like several people that I worked with very much. On our last day, also my birthday, they surprised me with a nice serenade, a cute card, and some delicious chocolates brought from California just for the occasion. Very, very sweet.

6.  Too much travel: Although Sarayu and I left Park City at 10:45 am on Monday, I did not get into Madison until 10 am on Tuesday. Spent the night in Cincinnati after my flight was repeatedly delayed in Salt Lake. Oh well. I’m home now and couldn’t be happier about that.

7.  Will I do it again? Sarayu has pretty much forbidden me from repeating this adventure, but I’m not sure. The thing is, I feel like I really didn’t get the system down until the end of the festival. It seems to take at least a week or so to learn how to navigate it all. So, as for next year, well, we’ll see.

The real question, though, is should I continue this blog now that Sundance 08 is over?  I’d really like you peeps to weigh in and let me know what you think.

Day six in the tunnel

I saw two movies today! So proud of myself. I finished my shift around 2:30 and went right on in to the film we were showing at the Egyptian, which was Absurdistan, a Russian narrative. It was super fun and cute and bright and great. I lost my ballot, though, so I wasn’t able to convey that to the Sundance folks.  Such a shame, esp since I love voting so much.

After Absurdistan, I took the bus (!!!another new adventure!!!) over to the Eccles mega-theater for the premiere of Assasination of a High School President with Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton (in the movie, definitely not on the bus). Mischa was part of the post-screening Q&A. She is very tall. Anyway, I really liked this movie, though I must tell you that some of my fellow bus-goers did not. The language was over-the-top sexual at times, but it also has the Wes Craven/John Hughes/Kevin Williamson teenagers-don’t-talk-like-this dialogue that I love. In addition, it’s a noir film and, again, in my opinion, a rather good one.  Quite enjoyable — I left with a big smile on my face. Love high school movies!  Incidentally, Geoffery Gilmore, who is the director of Sundance, introduced the film by saying that he, too, loves the high school movie genre. Who doesn’t? What’s not to love?

So, Michael Rapapport is also in the movie and he was apparently outside our theater today, but I missed him. And today is day two of Kate just missed William H. Macy on Main Street. Aside from nearly running smack into Adrian Grenier yesterday (second sighting of the lad), all has been rather quiet on the celebrity front. Oh! Except Josh Hartnett at the Q&A yesterday for his movie, which was b-a-d.  Wait, I may have already mentioned that in my comments from yesterday.

Celebrity count: priceless

Robert Redford.  Robert Redford.  Robert Redford.

Please don’t kick my seat.

Ok, so I’m here and it’s scary and ok and cold and a bit confusing. I’m not sure how to think of all this yet. Today has included the following: getting up at 5 am; checking into my flight in Madison and being told that I have a reservation but not a ticket; eating a spinach and egg quesadilla in the MSP airport; sitting in front of a kid who would not stop kicking my seat for an hour and a half until I moved to the one open seat I could find, which was in the back row, middle; taking the shuttle to Park City on which I met my new best friend, a volunteer & a filmmaker, who dumped me when she discovered that the woman on her other side was a film buyer (cards were exchanged); checking in; orientation — before which the guy running it insisted on smacking the top of the tent we were in because there was condensation on it, resulting in a rainstorm all over me — to which, he said, “Oh, I didn’t see you there” (there were two people in the tent); getting my Kenneth Cole jacket (cute, but being between sizes means it’s way bulky on top and snuggly around my hips); finding out about the sleeper sofa (have I mentioned this yet?); waiting and waiting with lines and scariness and my bags all over the place; catching the bus; losing the bus; being stranded in Park City; getting a ride with a nice young chap (probably a Momo); going to the wrong condo; finding the right condo, dropping off my stuff, racing to my meeting at the library, getting to the library just as the meeting was ending; calling Ben in tears on the way back to the condo and telling him I missed puppy and wanted to come home; coming into the condo again and chatting with (mostly) mellow roommates and having a laugh or two. I’m so tired, but I can’t exactly say the sofa bed right in front of the door is calling my name.

Tomorrow, I start work. I’m working at the Egyptian theatre, which is old and downtown (I’m told). Tomorrow’s task is titled “set up and press conference” and I’m to be there from noon to six p.m. After that, I work 7:30 am till 2:30 pm every day, which might be good for me and also means I’ll be able to watch the Packer game. Hurrah. Anyway, my job is titled something with “liason” in it, but I think I’ll just be standing outside for long periods of time hoping the peeps in line don’t revolt.

So, there’s a party for the volunteers tonight and while I’m told it’s really fun, I was told in the same breath that last year’s theme was “hats” and that when you entered the party you were given a hat and you had to decorate it.

Celebrity count: Zero (unless you count the guy that vaguely resembled Jared Leto at the terminal).

It’s almost time

This might be the image on my Sundance credential card — you know, the card that gets me into my lodging and all of the parties. We’ll see. The info I got this week was less than riveting … Guess we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday. I would be incredibly appreciative of anyone who would send me really supportive blog comments next week. I’m pretty damn nervous.

Ok, more importantly. … PR. Ok, I thought this was a really fun project idea, but I thought the judges were a little unrealistic about prom life. I mean, I think that some of the designers designing “older” for their clients was really on point. My memory is that kids often dressed way older for dances than their age. Sort of part of growing up and trying things out, no? Christian and his client were a brilliant pair. How funny was it that she chose him, yet he was petrified of what she wanted and never seemed to put together her choice of his portfolio with what was happening?

Also, how great was it that Victorya’s client said, “Well, I picked last,” in response to Tory’s questions of why she thought they’d work well together. Snap, Tory! [BTW, I’ve decided to call her Tory].

Also, I thought Rami’s dress was outstanding.

January 2008

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