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It’s almost time

This might be the image on my Sundance credential card — you know, the card that gets me into my lodging and all of the parties. We’ll see. The info I got this week was less than riveting … Guess we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday. I would be incredibly appreciative of anyone who would send me really supportive blog comments next week. I’m pretty damn nervous.

Ok, more importantly. … PR. Ok, I thought this was a really fun project idea, but I thought the judges were a little unrealistic about prom life. I mean, I think that some of the designers designing “older” for their clients was really on point. My memory is that kids often dressed way older for dances than their age. Sort of part of growing up and trying things out, no? Christian and his client were a brilliant pair. How funny was it that she chose him, yet he was petrified of what she wanted and never seemed to put together her choice of his portfolio with what was happening?

Also, how great was it that Victorya’s client said, “Well, I picked last,” in response to Tory’s questions of why she thought they’d work well together. Snap, Tory! [BTW, I’ve decided to call her Tory].

Also, I thought Rami’s dress was outstanding.

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