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Day six in the tunnel

I saw two movies today! So proud of myself. I finished my shift around 2:30 and went right on in to the film we were showing at the Egyptian, which was Absurdistan, a Russian narrative. It was super fun and cute and bright and great. I lost my ballot, though, so I wasn’t able to convey that to the Sundance folks.  Such a shame, esp since I love voting so much.

After Absurdistan, I took the bus (!!!another new adventure!!!) over to the Eccles mega-theater for the premiere of Assasination of a High School President with Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton (in the movie, definitely not on the bus). Mischa was part of the post-screening Q&A. She is very tall. Anyway, I really liked this movie, though I must tell you that some of my fellow bus-goers did not. The language was over-the-top sexual at times, but it also has the Wes Craven/John Hughes/Kevin Williamson teenagers-don’t-talk-like-this dialogue that I love. In addition, it’s a noir film and, again, in my opinion, a rather good one.  Quite enjoyable — I left with a big smile on my face. Love high school movies!  Incidentally, Geoffery Gilmore, who is the director of Sundance, introduced the film by saying that he, too, loves the high school movie genre. Who doesn’t? What’s not to love?

So, Michael Rapapport is also in the movie and he was apparently outside our theater today, but I missed him. And today is day two of Kate just missed William H. Macy on Main Street. Aside from nearly running smack into Adrian Grenier yesterday (second sighting of the lad), all has been rather quiet on the celebrity front. Oh! Except Josh Hartnett at the Q&A yesterday for his movie, which was b-a-d.  Wait, I may have already mentioned that in my comments from yesterday.


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