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Bienvenidos a la playa

I’m not sure that’s right.  Is that right?  Although I consistently maintain that Spanish is a simpler language to learn than, say, French or Italian, I do concede that I do not have it quite mastereed.  Nevertheless, I do write this post with waves crashing in my ears and the sounds of Spanish lingering around me.  I’m in Puerto Rico!  Our adventure started early — and I mean early — when my aunt Terry picked me up from my warm and cozy slumber at 3:40 am.  Puppy was not happy with the hour.  We got to Chicago by some crazy hour and spent lots of time in this so-called “Red Carpet Club!”  How the other half live — comfortable chairs, real CNN and bananas!  It was amazing.  From there, we boarded a flight to San Juan, via St. Thomas.  Who knew?  Again, God (in the body of my aunt) was smiling on me because I sat in first class.  A veritable dream come true.  I had a cheese omelet for breakfast and tons and tons of water!  It was divine.   I was slightly intimidated by the Chicago mobster seated next to me, but he really just snored so there wasn’t much to worry about.

I thought the thing I would be most excited about here is the greenery and the warmth and the blue of the ocean, but I think it’s really the humidity.  It’s so humid!  My fingernails may actually grow and I might save a couple of bucks not having to don a quart of lotion a day.  It’s really amazing what a couple of miles can do.

Also, I had a way delicious mai tai and some scrumptious brie.  I know that most of us think brie when we think Puerto Rico, but I admit this had not occurred to me.  Yum!

UPDATE: Cuidado al sol, indeed.  Or whatever Kristin said.  I should have read her advice before hitting the beach today as I am sunburned.  And when I say sunburned I mean, well, sunburned.  Oops.


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