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Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams

Red, gold and green.  Red, gold and green.

On the way home from book club tonight — hosted so nicely by Jen — Boy George came on Charlie and I was truly moved.  I just love that song.  I think it’s really something.  I feel like BG was really onto something when he sang, “Would you say, I’m a man without conviction, I’m a man who doesn’t know How to sell a contradiction, You come and go, You come and go.”  For me, this means that the guy thinks his lover thinks he’s kinda lost and flaky, but he’s in love with this person that’s into him and then not into him.  And sometimes I feel like we could all be that guy.  You come and go, you come and go.  We’re often clicking on all cylinders and then the next day it’s just OFF.  You know?  We’re in synch and in love and giddy with glee and then it’s, “Who are you and why don’t you know me? And why are you doing this?”  There’s so much mystery involved in love.

Or is there.  I suppose it’s really not that complicated.  It’s just that people are complicated and maybe not linear and not always rational and emotions are so hard to explain and define.  Loving would be easy if the colors were like my dreams.  Meaning, I think, love would be easy if you would just do pretty much exactly what I want all the time without me having to explain it.

But that doesn’t work.  And love is hard.  Being kind, though, shouldn’t be.  And I hope very much to be kind. 


May 2008

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