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Maybe.  At least to me it is.  I am so furious about this whole Brittany Zimmerman/911 debacle that my head is about to explode.  This tragedy has been made only worse by the County’s reaction to the possibility that they may have really screwed up.  How hard is it to admit wrongdoing?  Why is everyone so afraid of it?  I am so angry with Kathleen Falk for not firing John Norwick that I will not vote for her again.  Well, we all know I probably wouldn’t have anyway, given what she did to Peg and the people of Wisconsin.  But this is really it.  As in most grand-scale debacles, it’s not the actual mistake that has me so angry (that has me incredibly sad), but it’s the cover-up.  How dare he say that no apology is necessary?  And how dare he act as if the police couldn’t have done anything with the information in the phone call?  And what about this whole sending the police on a wild goose chase while they pursued the callers who called the 911 center after Brittany?  This is really a royal mess and I just wish someone would stand up and take some responsibility for it.

And the thing is, this is so damn common.  If Clinton had just admitted to the affair, there would have been no impeachment.  I’m not sure the same can be said for the whole Watergate fiasco, but it was certainly escalated in its severity due to the cover-up.  And Sarayu, you know how I feel about your cover-ups.  Geesh, folks, let’s just learn from this and, when caught, admit what we’ve done. 

On another note, how insulting is it that Otto’s keeps posting for a server position several times over months now when they pretended they were going to hire me and didn’t? 


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