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You’re motoring

I had my first tennis match of the season last night, having not picked up a racket since last summer.  One of my teammates was complaining she hadn’t played in two weeks.  The thing is, I am the youngest person by at least twenty years on my team, which isn’t a problem, but me not playing a lot probably is.  I thought I could win my match anyway, but it didn’t work out that way.  I lost 7-6 (9-7), 6-3.  I thought I put up a good fight and probably should have won, but it turns out there’s a level of fitness required in tennis and two hours was a bit much for me.  Embarrasing.  I’m hoping I can turn this around.

On the way home, though, Sister Christian came on Charlie and I felt ok about things for a bit.  It took me back to a time when Kristin, Heather and sometimes Ben and I would head out to the Wisco for cheap beers, grilled cheese, yahtzee and jukebox.  Simple times.  Good times (at least when they wouldn’t unplug the jukebox on us, and ok when they did as long as they gave Heather her quarters back).  Post-AmeriHell, pre law school.  Pre real world, really.  We had a cute apartment (esp since we didn’t discover the mice for a good year, though the raccoon was a bit creepy) and I had probably my best roommates ever.  We all had silly jobs — Heather at Victor’s working nutty morning hours; Kristin working with cokeheads at Mickey’s, coming home with more change than I’ve ever seen; and me at Luigi’s, telling folks they can’t smoke on our outdoor patio even when they’re the only ones on it.  But we made enough money to pay for our cheap, sunny apartment and enough to go to the Wisco several nights a week and enough to have a party now and then.  That was a fun summer.


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