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Sgt. Pepper and Tim Gunn

Did everyone see the preview for next week’s Project Runway? I feel off my bed. Tim Gunn, “It’s sort of Sgt. Pepper-ish.” Blayne (that’s not a name, it’s an appliance!), “I have no idea what that means.” Um, shellow? What? I know I spent quite a bit of time in Beatlemania in my life, but not knowing who Sgt. Pepper is has got to be like not knowing who Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin or Liberace or the Pope is. He doesn’t know…I just can’t fathom that. I think that had to be staged, no?

And I don’t even want to write the words — you know the ones — but if that is repeated on the show again, season five will be forever tainted for me. Let’s just keep “make it work” and pretend that other phrase never happened.

A word on Emily. While I really thought that she should have stayed — the hem alone on Miss Plain Jane’s frock should have gotten her booted — what are these people thinking? Have they not seen the show before? Do they not understand who Tim Gunn is? When Tim says, “Emily, I’m concerned. I’m worried the judges will be very disappointed in seeing this dress at this point in the competition,” unless Emily wants to go home, she better change that dress rapido. Instead, she says to the camera, “Tim gave me a bit of a mixed review” and proceeds to tell us how stunning her dress is and how completely confident she is in it. There is really no learning curve there. Also, I didn’t really see how hers was THAT much worse than Blayne’s, which also had that weird boa-like contraption attached. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear an attached element like that, but apparently two designers thought peeps would.

Which brings me to the final two. I did think Kenley’s was fun — I love the tulle and thought it was really creative. Plus, when she won and shed those genuine tears, I was really, truly happy for her and, ultimately, in the result. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think Leanne should have won. If for no other reason that she did a 180 from last week — learning curve! But more for the reason that that skirt was — in the words of Klummers — IMPECCABLE. That thing was just gorgeous. I think it was the most stunning thing to walk down that runway. At least my fave made it into the real judging portion this time, instead of just being dismissed.

How many more episodes do you kids give Stella?

[Also, The Brett Favre Situation (BFS), as Mike McCarthy is apparently calling it, is a DISASTER.  I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is a total mess.  Favre is the Bill Clinton of the NFL.  Clinton had all this good will & political capital and he spent it by going totally nuts.  NPR last night said Hillary isn’t a VP choice because the Obama camp has no clue on how to handle Bill.  Favre could have been president of Wisconsin — were there such a thing — and now no one really wants anything to do with him.  Disaster.]


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