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Dare I say number 12 is the new number 4?

That standing ovation made me cry.  But…

Who the ^&%$#&* were those announcers last night?  What the &^$#&?  When they started the coverage saying that they had gone for a brat before the game started (in an attempt to sound at one with Sconnie, I suppose) and talked to the brat seller who said, “I’m a Packer first.  I’m angry about what happened, but I’m a Packer first,” and used this to adduce that that’s how most Wisconsinites feel, I should have known we were in trouble.  No offense to any of my audience members, but I think those announcers would feel very comfortable in Waukesha County.  It all made sense when one of them admitted to never having been to Lambeau before.  You’ve never been to Lambeau?  [And I’m not talking about folks who are real fans who just haven’t been able to go].  Then I don’t want to hear what you have to say about how other folks think based on one interaction with the brat guy.  Additionally, when the offense came out for the first play and the crowd stood up and cheered like mad and one of them said, “They’re cheering Aaron Rodgers.”  And the other one corrected him and said, “They’re cheering for the Packers” I almost threw my drink at the television.  You think that if the defense had opened up the game there would have been a standing O?  No way.  Those fans were backing AR and that is all there is to it.  Those announcers had their fingers on the pulse of nothing close to GB last night.

And wearing that Jets jersey later was tacky, rude, obnoxious and just stupid.

I think most Packer fans are pretty annoyed about how things went down, but more disappointed than angry.  The article I read in the Journal Sentinel last week said — and this was before Favre was traded to the Jets (but nearing the eve of the trade) — that the folks in Wisco that had the least favorable opinion of Favre were in GB itself.  Those with the highest opinion of him?  Suburban Milwaukee.  If the 100,000 some people in GB are pissed at Number 4, I think we should all take pause.  I know I am a broken record here, but I’m really over him.  I am saddened that he chose to end things this way.  It was he who said that he could not continue in GB because he could not get over “things” that were said and stories that were “planted.”  What stories and what things, he never really specifies.  Maybe McCarthy could tell us from the six plus hours they spent discussing Brett’s feelings (who knew his feelings would take so much time to air), but I think McCarthy will probably continue to choose the high road here and keep his mouth shut to the media and stick to what he knows best: quarterback coaching.

Which brings me to the season opener.  Rodgers threw several bullets with grace and accuracy.  He performed well in and out of the pocket.  And most of all, he looked calm and confident.  I’m so proud he’s our quarterback.

Additional points: (1) Why are the announcers discussing Rodgers’ scruff?  Shut up; (2) I’m glad that Jackson is on our team; (3) Maybe watching Favre calm in the pocket for three years was actually helpful to Aaron; (4) Donald Driver is so damn awesome and I love love love how he — unlike Mr. Woodson — has stayed out of this off-field drama; (5) I’ve never seen a touchdown scored without a helmet; (6) it must be repeated: the standing ovation was so great.  Made me proud; (7) Kudos to the dude who said the obvious — Ted Thompson and McCarthy did what they did because they had to take their team back.  Favre tried to hijack it and they said, “Enough;” and (lastly because if I put in the number eight it makes some goofy sunglasses smile) after the first quarter I pretty much just watched the Olympics.  It’s the fever and all.

Final note: I have no doubt that Favre can still play football.  And now he can play it in New Jersey.  I think his behavior was abysmal — particulary whining nationally that Thompson didn’t hire Mariucci when Favre told him to ((a) Mariucci?!?!?!? (b) How’s that supposed to make McCarthy ‘feel?’ (c) Um, is Favre a player on the team or is he the manager?  I always forget) — and I’m glad that he isn’t around to insist that all of GB cater to his every whim. 

And I’m a believer.  In the Green Bay Packers, as well as Aaron Rodgers.

And I will also stop talking about this soon.  At least I will try.  Next up: John Edwards and the book I’m reading, The Big Squeeze.

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