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The power of the invite

Yesterday I received my invite to volunteer again at the Sundance Film Festival. As most of you know, it was the SFF and the pumpkin that kicked off this whole blog. As you also may remember, the SFF was a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side: Robert Redford, movies, neat new city, some distraction from the pumpkin, Sarayu. On the flip side: the sofabed, the living room, freezing temps that did not distract from the pumpkin, too many instances of seeing Adrian Grenier, and being too tired to fully appreciate Sarayu. I knew this day would come, though, when I couldn’t really remember the downsides to it. Or, rather, I can remember them, but they don’t seem so bad compared to having another adventure that wouldn’t be as adventurous since I’d already done it. But I shouldn’t even say I “knew” the day would come because I more hoped that it would. See, upon arrival at my Park City residence, I was met with four very kind, veteran ‘dancers who were to be my roommates for the two-week period. In the course of their chatting, it became clear that not everyone who volunteers gets to do it again. They knew several people who were not asked back, some folks who’d even been at the festival for years. I soon learned, too, that our supervisors evaluate us at the end of the festival and having once told one of the Canadians not to yell at me (particularly about something I had nothing to do with), I wasn’t sure how I’d fare. Though throwing me that surprise mini-birthday bash made me think maybe we were all on good terms.  Anyway…

When I got the email that says,

“Based on your service in the past, we would like to invite you back as a volunteer for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The Festival will be held January 15-25, with additional days or evenings for training as required by position,”

my heart beat a little faster. Especially when I clicked on the application link and it requires I type in the secret log-in name and password. And the site it takes me to is captioned, “Alumni Volunteers.” Is it so wrong to feel excited about that? Who doesn’t want to be asked back? Maybe it’s not so much wrong as just super lame. Nonetheless, while it may be pathetic, it’s pathetic validation. It’s like when someone asks you to be their friend on facebook — whether it’s your best friend or someone you barely remember, it makes you light up a little: someone remembers me! Someone knows me! Me!! There are a TON of people in this world and someone knows me!!! Sad? Maybe. But that’s how it is. For me anyway.

So I know I said I’d talk Edwards — and I will, but I need to do more research and compose myself since when I first heard the news, I was quite hurt — but first I need to air this: Sundance ’09. Is it for me?

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