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Dentures as comic gold.

Facebook is many things. One of them is a really neat vehicle to reconnect with old friends. Friends that you knew were still out there, and suspected were doing really neat things, but with whom you really hadn’t had any contact since you maybe ran into them at Four Star during one of your college years.

One such friend is a gal named Kayt, who was pretty much my best grade school friend. Kayt, like me, had a lawyer for a parent, was an only child, and had to attend what was called after-school day care because our parents worked till the shocking hour of five. When we were in about fourth grade, we really started rebelling against this day care idea and just went home. Often together — probably for two reasons: (1) it was more fun that way; and (2) it was easier to convince our folks that we were safe if we were together. Well, Kayt is now in Japan and has a really neat blog of her own. She’s clearly become a master storyteller and still has the brains and wit that make me remember the way she was back in the day. She was always so much more advanced than I was in the ways of the world (as is clear from some of the stories she tells on her blog). For example, I remember shortly after I had gotten braces (so I was about 11), she and my mom and I were having dinner at the now-defunct Upstairs Downstairs Deli at Hilldale. My mom got into a converation with folks at a neighboring table (I suspect she knew these people as my mom is not really a start-chatting-with-strangers person) about things like, well, my braces. There must have been some discussion — jovial, I’m sure — on how much the damn things cost and what’s a parent to do. Without missing a beat (in my head anyway), Kayt said, “Yeah, and the next thing you know, she’ll be needing dentures.” Laughter all around! What a hit! Except for with me because I had no idea what dentures were. I felt like a total idiot.  That was Kayt: funnier and wittier and brighter than I. She had a self-confidence I admire to this day.

What I also admire is her ability to tell a story.  As is evident here and here and here. And pretty much everywhere else on her blog.

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