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Surprise twists

In a twist I really didn’t see coming, I just received an email from Sundance thanking me for my alumni application.  So, I decided that if they were under the impression that I had already applied, I better actually apply so that I have some control over what my application looks like.  This doesn’t mean I’m in.  It just means that I might be in.  Eeks!  Why?  Oh, I don’t know.

Onto old news.  And it is old news now.  I have finally settled down enough to say a few words about John Edwards.  As you know, I was and, I guess, still am a big fan of his.  I really admired him for being one of the very few candidates — sometimes the only — who would address NAFTA and the enormous problems it has caused for millions of workers.  I’m currently reading The Big Squeeze, which is a very current book about the dire straits too many American workers are in.  It details the lives of factory workers, Wal-Mart employees, waitresses and dozens of others and discusses who is making it and why, and who isn’t and why not.  Anyway, it’s a fascinating and depressing study of the current working class.  And it reminds me of the reasons I liked John Edwards in the first place.  Ok, so, Edwards had an affair with a woman who seems battier than the bat that lives in the cabin we rent in Presque Isle every summer.  And then he lied about it.  And then there is a baby that may or may not be his.  And then one of his supporters gave the Bat Woman and an aide who has taken credit for the babe a bunch of money to live in southern California.  And then Edwards admitted the affair, but said it ended in 2006, the baby is not his and he told Elizabeth all about it.  He also mentioned the affair took place while his wife was in remission.  Hmm.  And the most recent news I read about it is that folks have now turned on Elizabeth, calling her complicit in the “cover-up.”  Double hmm. 

I don’t know what to think about all of it.  I don’t know that I need to think about it at all.  I do know, though, that I find it really obnoxious to blame Elizabeth for not wanting to see her personal family matters splattered all over the news.  What sane person would announce to the world, “My husband had an affair with this Looney Toon?”  It’s a new twist in blaming the woman.  Like the Sundance application being received when I hadn’t filled it out, I didn’t see it coming.


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