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It’s a wedding dress

Well, I certainly did not see this coming.  Jerell is not going to fashion week.  If they’d auffed Kenley, as I think we all thought they would, this would have been a different Bryant Park.  But, they kept her, had them all make collections, brought them back and gave them one more challenge: a bridesmaid’s dress to accompany the wedding dress they had been required to incorporate into their collections.  And it turns out, the judges do not like crazy-ass wedding dresses.  I really did not like either Korto’s or Jerell’s, but was somewhat surprised to hear the judges echo my opinions.  It doesn’t always work that way for me.  Although Jerell’s did look pretty messy, I thought Korto’s was actually very unflattering.  Don’t get me wrong — I think she’s a brilliant stylist.  Maybe the two of them concentrated too much on making a wacky, avant-gardy dress instead of actually thinking wedding is supposed to = pretty.  I thought both LeAnne’s and Kenley’s were gorgeous and I adored their bridesmaids’ dresses — though I thought Kenley’s ‘maids dress was too short (and how annoying was it that she acted like LeAnne and Korto copied her with their length).  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone ordered their designs from them based on just that episode.

I’m sad to see Jerell go as I think he gave the show such a nice presence.  He was so sweet — especially to his clients.  I liked that.  Kind of the anti-Jeffrey.  On the other hand, from the little we saw of it, his collection scared me.  I thought the judges might like it, but I thought it was way too over-the-top.  All that netting!  Again, from the little we saw, I thought LeAnne’s looked the most cohesive and awesome — I loved, LOVED the colors.   I know Tim was fawning over Kenley’s painted dress, but I wasn’t a fan.  I love simple and clean and that is why I am rooting for LeAnne.

Update: I just looked at PR’s website and am annoyed to see that they have photos from fashion week up with an intro to them reading, “The final six contestants show at Bryant Park.”  This strikes me as so disingenuous.


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