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First up, Project Runway finale. If you didn’t watch last night because, say, you were watching the third & final debate, and you don’t want to know the results, don’t read any further. The winner? My darling Leanne! She crushed the competition. Well, not really. All three collections were impressive and well-executed, I thought. Leanne’s, though, was just so much more — more cohesive, more thematic (in a good way), more stunning. The colors were phenomenal and it was all so pretty. I just have loved her for so long and I’m happy to have had my early fave do so well. She reminds me of Chloe. Anyone else?

While Kenley’s collection was nice (I’m not really into the painted fabric), it was her attitude that was more upsetting. In the usual Kenley way, she was defensive and offensive at the same time. The judges, again, felt that she was copying ideas and designs that were already out in the world. Kenley stated that she had no idea that others were doing what she was doing and, I think, I might actually believe that. But it doesn’t really matter. Even if she didn’t explicitly rip-off other designers, it’s the fact that her designs aren’t fresh that’s the problem. If someone lives in a cave their entire life and comes out in 2008 with an amazing sculpture that looks just like the David, it doesn’t make that artist as cool as Michelangelo. It may make that person a pretty good craftsman and an artist who’s good with stone, but it doesn’t make the second David a masterpiece. So, Kenley, quit your crying.

Korto. There’s really not much to say. I have little doubt that she has a great future in fashion. She’s an incredible designer.

Next up, the debate. So, since I chose PR over Debate Three, I saw only snippets of the first hour and the last thirty minutes. What do you guys think? Is Joe the Plumber related to Joe Six-Pack? Are they the same guy? I was confused. Also, from what I hear, plumbers do pretty well for themselves and plumbing — unlike, say, the peeps working at the GM plant in Janesville that’s closing up shop any day now — seems like it’s a career that probably withstands a depression. We still need water and working pipes even if the stock market collapses. So, I guess, I’m unclear why the plumber is the icon being tossed around for your average Joe. Though his name, apparently, is Joe. But, again, I missed the beginning of McCain’s thread on this, so I’ll wait to hear from you guys for further evaluation. I’d like to go back today and listen to what they both said about the Supreme Court. Who was the first politician to talk litmus tests with regard to the Court? For some reason, that phrase just really annoys me. Probably because it’s thrown around all the time with no sincerity and it rings hollow.

Third up, I had dinner with Ben last night. Though we talk, email or text every day, we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of months, I’d say. It was really great to see him. He’s doing so well — he’s got all these friends and he’s practically running his school. He had a cute new orange raincoat and scruff on his face like he did back in the 2001-03 era. It’s hard to see him, too, of course. It’s a reminder that our relationship didn’t “work out” in the way we both had hoped it would. As more and more time is put between us and the pumpkin, I can’t always remember what exactly went wrong. In thinking about it this morning, I think it was, to be simple about it, that we stopped being nice to each other. Not that we were necessarily mean (though sometimes of course we were), but we stopped valuing being nice, being extra considerate, being patient and just kind. I know I’m no one anyone wants to take advice from, but I think that it’s important to remember that there is no substitute for being kind. Although being polite is part of it, I think being kind — really considering your friend or partner or lover’s needs and wants — is the most important thing in a relationship. Any relationship. And once you lose that, it’s really hard to get back.


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