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Puppy and the city

First off, Dear Reader, I do not know if wordpress if looking different for you, but it is for me.  If it is not diff for you, good.  If it is, we are in this together and I feel your trepidation.  Or, at least, I feel my own and imagine that I empathize with yours.

Ok, moving on.  Gracie and I went to Chicago this weekend.  To my friends who live in Cities and have dogs I ask, how do you do it?  First, Grace tolerated, but did not enjoy, the elevator. We were on the 18th floor and while she behaved fairly well on it, every trip was a bit of an adventure.  And then walking out of the hotel and trying to find a blade of grass…I mean, (a) it’s winter so that’s hard enough but (b) it’s Michigan Avenue and it’s rather urban and lacks grass or any dog-friendly pee area.  Eventually we found spots that worked, and we actually met or saw lots of dogs on our treks, but I still found myself repeatedly thinking, “How do citygoers deal with having a dog?”  Seriously.  It seemed like a lot of work for the central-city dog owner.  And dog.

Actually, it reminded me a bit of being in Italy.  I remember when my parents were visiting me in Florence and my mom said something along the lines of, “I think I would really miss greenery.”  And Andrea said to her, sweetly and brilliantly, “Yeah, it’s true there’s a lack of green, but in the pre- Renaissance and Ren itself there was an emphasis on differentiating the cities from the country, so cities took pride in their lack of green.”  Interesting, no?!

Anyway, this blog is not doing as well as it was with the Palin discussion.  Is there anything anyone craves discussing that has not been put forth?  The new Obama public works proposal?  The damn Detroit bailout?  How Alpine Snow may not have been the best choice for my pedicure with Heather? 

Get ready to think resolutions or, rather, reasons 2008 was not so bad.

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