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Was not such a great day for me.  In addition to feeling like it really should have been Friday, two things were very frustrating to me.  One, I sent out the email to our union’s membership that I had set up a new website that should be easier to use, better functioning and ultimately cheaper than our previous website.  This took me oodles of time to do, but I wasn’t naive enough to think that everyone would love it.  I was, however, stupid enough to think that lawyers would be able to log in without me walking around and showing them how to click “login.”  Dumb, Kate, dumb.  Even dumber, though, was my decision to send out the email this morning.  Why did I not wait until Friday afternoon?  I received maybe 300 emails asking me how to login, insisting that the site wasn’t working, asking how to type an email address, etc.  I even had one email from a guy who wanted to tell me how much he hates websites and passwords and, basically, the Board in general.  Thanks!  Happy holidays!  Anyway, my fault for (a) trying to craft a solution to something and (b) for telling people about it. 

The other problem with yesterday that I had was just a bummer.  On Wednesday, I had been virtually thumbing through J Crew’s online catalog and came upon two-uber pretty silk skirts that were on sale.  Knowing that I also had a 30% off + free shipping coupon sitting in my gmail inbox, my thoughts turned to NYE.  I am hosting a party again and want to look unlike my normal frump of a self.  Lightbulb!  So, I purchased the two skirts “saving” myself probably close to $100.  Curious that as of yesterday I still had not received my order confirmation email, I went on to the site to check on the status of my skirts.  Strangely and annoyingly, they were still in the online shopping bag.  What?!  Oh no!  No skirts!  My size humungous self got very sad thinking that NYE would now be a collosal disaster.  What was I going to wear?  Jeans?  Well, ok.  That’d be fine, really.  But lately I just feel so gross — part of it, of course, is that it’s winter and I feel like I can wear only cords and boots — I really wanted to have something new and pretty in an attempt to greet 2009 feeling at least moderately put together.  Well, drat.  I certainly wasn’t going to pay full price, though!  Not after I had nearly saved $100!  So, what to do, what to do.  Sarayu suggested I call them.  Modifying that plan, I sent them an email relaying how sad I was at my mistake and wondering if there was anything they could do to ensure a bright holiday.  I didn’t hear back, but I did get a 20% off + free shipping coupon in my inbox today.  I am not silly enough to think this came to me as a result of my email, but I am savvy enough to use it to buy the skirts and never to think again of the 10% more that was so close to staying in my life.

Today, though, is going to be a different story.  I insist upon it.  Today will be a good day.  I’ve already ordered the skirts and my feet are just about thawed from my time waiting for the bus this morning.  The office is very quiet, which is not surprising since the State patrol or some such unit has asked people to stay off of the roads.  As I was waiting for my bus this morning, an older woman started talking to me.  She, too, was waiting for the bus.  Only she needed to get to campus because she was conducting an oral exam for a Korean woman’s PhD  defense.  I asked her the topic of the student’s dissertation, expecting an answer like “English” or “chemistry,” but, instead  I learned that the paper was about a 17th century Dutch engraver who was Catholic during the time the area had gone Calvinist.  The professor told me the student’s dissertation had some problems, which was a greater problem because her visa was also about to expire.  I found all of this very interesting and, yet, felt that I was exposing myself quickly as a collosal bore.  I tried to ask questions, but they were mostly limited to things like, “Do you conduct the exam at the Chazen?”  And, “Is that bus coming a mirage?” 

I also just want to say congratulations to my lovely, brilliant, outstanding cousin Mags.  Her  graduation from UW-Milwaukee is this Sunday and I am really looking forward to it!  I seriously love graduations!

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