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Two weeks back

So, I’m back from two weeks’ vacation and am happy to be home. I adore vacation, but sometimes the best part is coming home. Seeing puppy and sleeping in my own bed (not in a hotel, a cabin, someone else’s bedroom) is so lovely. I took about a billion pics and am trying to figure out how to organize and edit them. I’ve decided to upgrade on Flickr to Flickr Pro, which costs $25 a year (as opposed to being free), but lets you upload as many pics as you want and create sets and all sorts of funness. I also — being the whimsical person I am — joined Picnik, which lets you edit photos in way cool ways and links to Flickr (as well as Facebook and a million other places). Ah, the internets.

Anyway, so I’m up to my ears dealing with my amateur pics, but I want to say, please wait on the edited ones and check back.  Not that they’ll be great, but they’ll be better than what Flickr’s showing you now.  It’s my fault — not Flickr’s (don’t hate me, my love!) — and soon I’ll fix it.

In the meantime, highlights from my trip: (1) seeing Kristin’s awesome apartment and her in her element there and trekking around pretty Brooklyn and eating in restaurants where people smiled at Sconnie me; (2) drinks with Fee’s friend Carla while we were drenched in Manahattan rain, and seeing my long-lost beloved friend, Heather, in Bryant Park with sweet potato fries; (3) playing the license plate game; (4) Andrea and Scott’s wedding, which was unbelievably lovely and simply perfect; and (5) Presque Isle; always home.  Basically, the best thing was seeing friends I met in my late teens or early twenties and feeling just as proud to be their friends as I ever did.  More, actually.  I am so blessed with good friends.  Even if they’re spread out all over the world (and so many in NYC!), I will always feel that they are a part of me.  I will always be grateful that they have let me be a part of their lives.  It’s a gift I don’t take lightly.

Folks?  I need to hear from you.  How has your summer been?  Best moments?  The ranking in Best Summers Ever?  Great moments?  I miss you.


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