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Here are some recent musings on which I would very much appreciate some comments and discussion.  Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m talking to myself and that’s something I can do without a blog.

1.  The Packers looked soooooooooo good these last two games, but I don’t think I can really talk about this because it makes me nervous to have two preseason games yet to go.

2.  I understand just about nothing about this health care debate.  I am sure there is something there to understand, but I feel like so much about the health care industry is shrouded in mystery and wrong information.  For example, why do things have to cost so much?  I’m not convinced there’s necessarily an inherent cost in lots of health care, as opposed to just a manufactured cost.  Additionally, lots of people blame malpractice insurance for the high costs, and while I don’t know how much insurers charge, I’m pretty sure that litigation costs are a tiny fraction of the overall industry costs.

3.  I saw two super fun movies last weekend: (1) The Hangover and (2) The Perfect Getaway.  I really had a great time watching both of them, especially after we moved out of the balcony at The Hangover where some genetically-challenged man kept screaming, “Holy balls!”

4.  Project Runway.  I’m pretty glad the gal who got auffed did, but I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them.  Too early to say much, other than that their new studio space is nice and I’m happy there’s a Mood in L.A.  Why?  I have no idea.

5.  Also, this is a job I did not know existed.


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