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It’s back

As I was watching Project Runway last night, I thought, “This is really great.  I love this show!”  And then I nervously waited for the judging to begin.  And as I watched, I breathed a little easier.  It felt right.  It felt normal again.  I texted Kristin that I was really into the episode, and worried what her response would be.  But she, too, was ecstatic.  Project Runway is back.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen episode two of the new season, season six, and don’t want to know details, read no further.

[I will also put in a side note right now to space off the details from the disclaimer.  I’m in a piss-ass mood because the same old dude who just needs to retire has, once again, insulted my aptitude as a board member.  In fact, he did so in this way: when told that I was dealing with a DOJ-specific problem, he replied, “That’s a comforting thought. [NOT!]”  I wish I could write like that.  I also wish that I could be so blatantly cruel to people that work hard to preserve jobs and save the union money, two things he didn’t do a thing about when he was on the board.  In fact, what did he do?  Oh yeah, sent out random, incoherent messages about the board’s to-dos, but only for those few meetings that he actually attended.  So angry.]

Ok, back to PR.  They’ve never done a maternity challenge before, have they?  I thought it was brilliant.  I actually thought most of the designs were truly charming.

Discussing the final six (the best three and worst three): I pretty much agreed with the judges’ choices. 

Louise’s dress/lingerie was truly pretty and looked like it must have taken forever.  I also like how she thought about how the preggers’ woman’s boobs would get bigger and incorporated pleats in the bodice to accommodate that.  But, it wasn’t my favorite color and actually, despite being one color really, seemed a little busy for me and, yes, a little negligee-y.  So, it was good she was in the top three, but also good she was the third best.

Althea.  Holy cow did I love that dress.  I love that it was a maxi, I loved the strappings, I loved the stripes.  I just loved it.  I thought it was so fun and looked so comfortable and chic.  The criticism of the cups being a little small for a pregnant lady was fair, but her model wasn’t actually pregnant so I thought it looked good.  Had she made the cups bigger, it might not have looked so good on the runway.

Shirin.  She made a coat.  And it was lined.  I don’t even think I need to say more.  I mean, a COAT!

Ra’mon.  Bad, but really — not THAT bad.  I mean, it was clearly a mistake but he kinda realized it.  I’m not defending it because it was pretty dumb, but it wasn’t a total disaster.

Mitchell’s was pretty close.  I actually loved the idea and the shorts were such a cute way to go, but the execution was poor.  From far away it looked pretty chic, I thought.  But the closer you got, the more you realized it was just off.  The shorts were obviously a disaster.  If he really doesn’t know how to sew, I don’t know how much further he’ll be able to get.  He needed to tighten up the shorts, and maybe even put them in just khaki fabric, too.  I think the sweater was ok, but maybe it should have been more of a sheer, ivory poncho and the t-shirt could have then been a cute camisole in either black or white.  That could have been cool.

But it goes without saying (though I will) that Melvin’s was a total stupid-ass outfit.  An egg?  It totally looked like she had the baby covered in the sling and then was wearing boring leggings.  It wasn’t the least bit flattering or chic.  And why on earth when people get kicked out for being so dumb do they always have to say, “I guess America’s just not ready for me.”  Give it a rest.  You wanted to make her chicken thigh pants.  Whatever that means.  You have no idea what looks good, you just want a theme.

Did you see the Models aftershow?  The show’s pretty pointless, except for the part when you get to see which designer chooses which model (something that was part of PR itself when it was on Bravo), but it was funny to see all of the models shocked and outraged when Mitchell was safe and Melvin was auffed.  I guess they preferred the thought of looking like a big egg than wearing ill-fitting, transparent wear. 


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