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At long last.

UPDATE: And here’s this.

I’ve heard there’s been a lot of pushback on his arrest. This isn’t surprising, of course, but it again annoys me. It annoys me so much that I haven’t been able to read about it much.  Because Polanski had the means to live a pretty sweet life in France, had the friends to collect and drum up sympathy for himself, and had the artistic reputation to be able to continue his livelihood — all for the last 30 years — he should now be given a slap on the wrist?  Or, excuse me, an even lighter slap on the wrist than he was to already receive for raping a 13-year-old girl?  I’m so disgusted by the idea that this guy who fled from a crime he admitted to committing (he pled down to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor) and has led a pretty damn charmed life (it seems) can receive so many cries for leniency.  Why in the world does he deserve leniency? 

I’m not opposed to leniency in the criminal justice system.  Far from it.  But this guy — aside from nominally admitting he did something a little off — has never been held accountable for what he did.  Instead, he’s been lauded as a genius; folks line up to work for him and sing his praises.  He has not spent the last 30 years — or any years — making penance for his wrongs, apologizing to the victim, seeking forgiveness from society.  Instead, he has downplayed events and blamed the justice system for his self-made ‘exile.’ 

He’s just total ick to me.


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