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Please, don’t forget me

I know I’ve been totally derelict in posting lately and it annoys me.  I really feel like I have lots to say (not important stuff, but you know, stuff) and have just not been able to get it out in the blogosphere.  Our internet has been fantastically craptastical at home as of late and I haven’t been able to find the inspiration to post while at, ahem, work.  So, please just bear with me and don’t forget me and I will be back with something of *substance* soon…. 

Will it be Million Dollar Listing commentary?  Complaints about people with kids?  Balloon Boy nonsense?  Um, no, it won’t be that.  Sorry to kill the suspense there.  Will it be Scientology talk?  You betcha!  Eeks!  Again!  Sorry, I am very bad at keeping things a secret.  Ok, essentially I expect it to break down like this:  (1) TV: the Bravo lineup and some new blurbs about Harper’s Island and my total addiction for cheesy horror; (2) Scientology and the new French ruling along with the news Sarayu slipped to me that Paul Haggis publicly broke from the Church over, of all things, Prop 8; and (3) Halloween at the zoo with my family. 

Would anyone care to add a fourth?  I’m going to need to move on this because we obviously are going to need to do some Favre-smackdowns.  Sorry, Fee, I know you are over football comments, but it must be.



Just a little bit of trivia: If, today — October 15, 2009 — you type “Kate” into google, the first result is about Jon and Kate Gosselin.  Marinate on that.

Aaron and I decided to take a much-appreciated (if not deserved) vacation day today, which means I am in bed, watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and — simultaneously — Wikipedia-ing “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  I love TV so much, but I almost always seem to want to be doing something else while watching — a crossword puzzle, reading a magazine, treadmilling, facebooking, etc.  Anyway, as I recently revealed to Terry and Sarayu — not that it was exactly a secret — I just can’t seem to sate my appetite for Bravo reality shows.  The Real Housewives franchise is positively enthralling.  I thought I wasn’t a fan of Atlanta, but season two has changed my mind entirely.  I Wikipedia-ed it to look up who these women actually are (you rarely get the full scoop on any of the RH ladies).  Fascinating!  Not to take Wikipedia at its word, but if true, these gals have some issues.  Admittedly, what I really wanted to know is if there is any truth to Kim’s repeated assertion that she’s only 29.  According to the Bible, er, Wikipedia, she was born in 1978, so she’s 31 now, making her claims in previously recorded shows that she was 29 very plausible.  I’d still like to see an actual birth certificate.  Or, better yet, some sort of tree-ring investigation, carbon-dating or other scientific-minded testing.  Anyway, several of the ladies seem to have some serious financial problems.  Apparently, NeNe was evicted from her home after season one; Sheree’s house was sold in foreclosure; and Lisa filed for bankruptcy in 2007.  Additionally,  Lisa’s ex-husband has custody of their two kids.  Drama!  But not the kind shown on the show…Which is probably just fine.  That stuff’s just depressing.

I have to admit that I can point to two external, but related, things that helped me come to terms with my affection for RHA.  One was when I was watching the Rachel Zoe Project (another Bravo original) and Rachel was talking to Ashton Kutcher on the phone (speaker phone, of course).  Ashton was in Atlanta with Demi and Rachel’s assistant, Brad, got on the phone to ask if they had run into Kim or NeNe or anyone.  Ashton, without missing a beat, said that they had yet to see any of the women, but he clearly knew that Brad was referring to the Housewives.  He then said that he did not watch the show, but he knew the significance of a spotting.  You can then hear Demi chime in and chide him, “You watched the entire first season!”  Hee hee.  Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher watch RHA.  Ok, and the second thing that reinforced my love was when I was watching Andy Cohen’s show (no idea what it’s called) dissecting the Bravo shows.  Andy Cohen, as you know, is the genius behind the reality shows I love.  Ok, actually, I don’t really know if that’s entirely true, but he is an NBC “television exec” and has his name on my loves.  Andy had Jimmy Fallon on and they were sipping cocktails and talking all about RHA.  NeNe even came on the show via video and Fallon interviewed her.  The real moment for me, though, was when the two of them could not stop talking about Kim and Kandi’s “Don’t Be Tardy to the Party” masterpiece.  If you have not seen this episode, you must.  It is priceless in its ridiculousness.  It is Kim doing backup singing for some new song of Kandi’s in which Kim just repeats, in an attempt at a sultry voice,   “Don’t be tardy to the party — whoa-o-a-who-o-a” over and over and over and over again.  It was one of those moments when you kind of turn your head to the side like a dog and wonder, “Is this real?”  And then you sort of feel like you must be mistaken.  And I kind of did think that until I saw Jimmy Fallon singing it repeatedly (and, in fact, he and Andy recorded it to make it Jimmy’s ring tone).  And then putting his gin and tonic on his ring finger pretending it was his engagement ring from Big Poppa.

Ok, I suddenly feel like I’m totally talking to myself.  Is anyone with me on this?

I hate to think that I only like it because some celebrities like it.  Because, really, there are lots of things celebrities like that I don’t (Uggs, for one).  I prefer to think that these celebs just made me more comfortable with my love for the show.  It’s kind of like when Phish started covering Neil Diamond; I felt vindicated.

Step three? I hope you’re seated!

In a shocking turnabout, we’ve decided to take the house (er, condo) off the market.  What?  But, Kate, you just put it on the market!  I know, I know.  But, in getting ready for last week’s open house (to which only one, but seemingly genuinely, guy attended and liked the place); I pretty much came to the conclusion that it was not the right time to move; that I love the place; that I love the location; and that moving now is just not necessary.  I know, peeps, you must be shocked and worried about my mental health.  I assure you all is ok (or, rather, as ok as it has been).

So, stay tuned for possible updates on fixer-upper stuff…And if anyone has advice or suggestions on peeps to talk to/hire about doing kitchen or “lover level” (I’ve decided calling it the basement is just bad sense) remodeling, I’d love to hear it…

And stay tuned for pics from the 3rd annual Cambridge, WI Barktoberfest!  Though damn chilly (the snow held off!), it was a fun time for peeps and hounds.  Wait, wait…here they are!  Make sure to try to fully understand the size of the English Mastiff (200 lbs.); my pics don’t do him justice.

UPDATE: Design appointment scheduled with Big Box Depot on Thursday evening.

Will it be Chicago?

I was up around 5 this morning (well, let’s face it, not UP, but awake) and turned to CNN.  I knew the decision was coming soon, but I didn’t realize it would be today!

So, if Chicago gets the Olympics in 2016, lots of biking would be in Madison. I know peeps have mixed feelings on hosting the Olymps because it costs, say, billions and I think some peeps just don’t like having loads of extra people in their town for a few weeks, but I really, really, really hope it happens. I just think it would be super cool. What I don’t think is the coolest thing about it, though, is that I’ll be 41 in 2016.  Not that that’s inherently uncool or anything, but it has given me pause.

So, we’ll know today whether or not there will be an Athlete’s Village in Madison.

UPDATE:  So sad.  Chicago was eliminated in the first round.  Given that there are only four finalists, I’m not clear on why there are rounds, but there you have it. * I had heard that the favorite was Rio.  We’ll see in a moment, I guess.  I’m bummed.  [And, yes, I know South America has waited a long time for the Olympics, but so has Madison…er, well, yeah.  The end.]

* Apparently, the IOC members vote and if there is no majority in the first round, the vote proceeds to a second round and the city with the fewest votes in the first round drops out.  Oh, poor Chicago.


Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune’s website.  I just love the shocked faces.  I mean, I don’t love that their shocked and sad, but I think the picture is so great; it makes me giggle a little.

Ok, and this really makes me laugh, which I sorely needed as this whole Polanski bonkers bonanza has my blood pressure at record levels.  It also, nicely I think, ties my previous two posts together.  Sorta.

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