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Will it be Chicago?

I was up around 5 this morning (well, let’s face it, not UP, but awake) and turned to CNN.  I knew the decision was coming soon, but I didn’t realize it would be today!

So, if Chicago gets the Olympics in 2016, lots of biking would be in Madison. I know peeps have mixed feelings on hosting the Olymps because it costs, say, billions and I think some peeps just don’t like having loads of extra people in their town for a few weeks, but I really, really, really hope it happens. I just think it would be super cool. What I don’t think is the coolest thing about it, though, is that I’ll be 41 in 2016.  Not that that’s inherently uncool or anything, but it has given me pause.

So, we’ll know today whether or not there will be an Athlete’s Village in Madison.

UPDATE:  So sad.  Chicago was eliminated in the first round.  Given that there are only four finalists, I’m not clear on why there are rounds, but there you have it. * I had heard that the favorite was Rio.  We’ll see in a moment, I guess.  I’m bummed.  [And, yes, I know South America has waited a long time for the Olympics, but so has Madison…er, well, yeah.  The end.]

* Apparently, the IOC members vote and if there is no majority in the first round, the vote proceeds to a second round and the city with the fewest votes in the first round drops out.  Oh, poor Chicago.


Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune’s website.  I just love the shocked faces.  I mean, I don’t love that their shocked and sad, but I think the picture is so great; it makes me giggle a little.

Ok, and this really makes me laugh, which I sorely needed as this whole Polanski bonkers bonanza has my blood pressure at record levels.  It also, nicely I think, ties my previous two posts together.  Sorta.


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