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Please, don’t forget me

I know I’ve been totally derelict in posting lately and it annoys me.  I really feel like I have lots to say (not important stuff, but you know, stuff) and have just not been able to get it out in the blogosphere.  Our internet has been fantastically craptastical at home as of late and I haven’t been able to find the inspiration to post while at, ahem, work.  So, please just bear with me and don’t forget me and I will be back with something of *substance* soon…. 

Will it be Million Dollar Listing commentary?  Complaints about people with kids?  Balloon Boy nonsense?  Um, no, it won’t be that.  Sorry to kill the suspense there.  Will it be Scientology talk?  You betcha!  Eeks!  Again!  Sorry, I am very bad at keeping things a secret.  Ok, essentially I expect it to break down like this:  (1) TV: the Bravo lineup and some new blurbs about Harper’s Island and my total addiction for cheesy horror; (2) Scientology and the new French ruling along with the news Sarayu slipped to me that Paul Haggis publicly broke from the Church over, of all things, Prop 8; and (3) Halloween at the zoo with my family. 

Would anyone care to add a fourth?  I’m going to need to move on this because we obviously are going to need to do some Favre-smackdowns.  Sorry, Fee, I know you are over football comments, but it must be.


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