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Snow day 2009!

After the Governor declared a state of emergency for all of Wisconsin, I wondered if we’d have to go to work today, but didn’t want to get my hopes up since I’ve never heard of state offices shutting down for such an event.  But, alas, I bring you snow day 2009 in all its wintery, white, blizzardy glory.

Oh, and here’s an unrelated thought (or something).  The award for the, “Who Cares Story of 2009?” otherwise known as the “This Is News?” award goes to Meredith Baxter (Birney).  Last night I was reading about Baxter (Birney) coming out of the closet and there were a couple of things in the story that left me scratching my head.  Now I don’t want to be insensitive and diminsh anyone’s personal journey or demons or insecurities or whatever, but really, this is pretty much a non-story to begin with.  One, she’s Meredith Baxter (who? say so many).  Two, she’s 62 (now, mom, I’m not saying sixty-ish women aren’t relevant, just that no one really cares about anyone sex’s life once they turn, say, 30 — unless maybe they’re someone super famous, which Meredith Baxter — esp since she lost the Birney — is not).  Three, and most importantly, it’s 2009.  The article ended, though, with this: Baxter declaring that she recently attended a play about Oscar Wilde in LA with her partner and she put her arm around her love.  She said she decided, “Who cares what people think?” or something along those lines.  Um, she was in LA.  At a play about Oscar Wilde.  And she put her arm around her date.  What?  I can’t imagine there was anyone in that audience — at a play about Oscar Wilde (did I mention this?) — who would have blinked at such an event much less had something to say about.  Just struck me as a little dramatic.  But who am I to judge.  Well, I’m me.


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