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When I was a kid, I never ate breakfast.   I mean, not ever, but hardly ever.  It just wasn’t something I did.  At least not during the week.  I am certain I had a doughnut or two on the weekends when I was little — Donut Delites, after all, was right down the street.  I don’t think I really ate it in college or law school, either.  We’d go out for breakfast on the weekends sometimes, of course, and indulge in yummy eggs and hashbrowns, but that wasn’t every weekend.  In fact, I am really not sure when I started eating the meal.  I am sure, though, that now I really don’t function without breakfast.  While not my favorite meal of the day, it is my most important and the one I worry most about.

Worry, you ask?  Yes, worry.  I often worry about what I will have.  I have not found something that is perfect for me.  The problem is this: I want something satisfying, not too many calories and portable.  It’s really important that it keeps me going because I often work out at noon so lunch is not until sometime after 1.  I know that you’re thinking, “Kate, you’re hardly a delicate flower, you could get by with an apple and all would be good,” but really, I feel a blood pressure drop if I eat sugar in the morning, which of course fruit is.  A banana works better, but I really crave protein.  Eggs are great, but who gets up and makes eggs in the morning?  Well, Aaron will, but not me.  I get up for work and leave about 15 minutes later.  I get as much sleep as I possibly can before heading out.  So, I am not making eggs.  I go in phases where I eat Amy’s bean and cheese burritos for breakfast — not the breakfast burrito ones.  These are pretty good and generally fill the bill — whole wheat tortilla and good protein and they come in at 300 calories, which I think is about perfect for breakfast (maybe a little on the high end).  Sometimes I do a bagel, but I know I’m not doing myself any favors there.  If I put peanut butter on it it works better, but ultimately this option just doesn’t do it for me.  What I really can’t do are two things on the opposite ends of the health spectrum — doughnuts or oatmeal.  Sugar crash with the former, gag reaction with the latter.  Basically, I am on a quest for the perfect breakfast food for me.  Which brings me to this morning.  And I hope you’re sitting down.

Subway.  Recently, Subway moved into the spot under my office building, which had previously been a pretty bad bakery.  It was so boring looking and everything always seemed to taste stale, which seems particularly egregious in a bakery.  Anyway, I was not exactly thrilled that a Subway moved in, especially since it moved from its former site, which was about two blocks away.  But then they did something interesting.  They put up posters that they were serving breakfast.  And then, fate stepped in.  Aaron’s mom sent us a $20 gift card to Subway for Valentine’s Day.  What else was the universe trying to tell us other than the obvious: try Subway for breakfast?  And that we did.  This very morning.

I am happy to report that at a little after noon, I still feel really good and am about to go to the gym.  Hooray!  How did this happen, you ask?  Well, I had the egg white and cheese sandwich on flatbread.  With tomatoes (sorry, Kristin).  It was truly yummy.  I mean, not Sardine yummy, but Subway yummy.   It was hot and the cheese was pretty melted — they do a weird thing where you get one of their normal cheese options (provolone,  pepperjack and American) and then they add a splash of what looks like shredded cheddar or colby.  It was $2 and 320 calories, according to their website.  Had I opted for the English muffin, it would have been a mere 170.  I am considering this route the next time, but the flat bread was quite good — moist and squishy. Next time?  Yes, I believe there will be a next time.

So, since I can’t eat there everyday, I need to get some other ideas of what to do.  Will you share with me what you eat for breakfast?


First Furlough Day in 2010

So much for that New Year’s resolution to blog at least once a week.  Oops.  Ok, I’m back on the wagon.  Not that wagon, but the blogging wagon.  At least for now.

I have a lot to report about the kitchen, but am going to wait on pictures until it’s all the way done.  For the most part, I’m really happy.  There have been a few problems, some of which I’ve already recounted here.  A new one, though, is the countertops.  We opted for quartz and they’re really beautiful.  Apparently, though, they’re also very heavy.  This means that they had difficulty getting the largest piece (one side of the kitchen) into place without damaging the walls.  So, in an effort to leave our walls intact, Carlos (our countertop man) chipped the countertops.  He thought it would be ok because the tile backsplash we were going to install would cover up the problem.  But I wasn’t planning on tiling the side walls.  During my efforts to get this resolved, I was labeled “demanding” in an email from the Home Depot to Carlos.  I don’t think I was supposed to receive that email.  In any event, instead of the tile — which we hadn’t decided on and were thinking we might do ourselves — we’re just going to have Carlos come back and install quartz backsplash on the wall.  I’m not in love with this idea but I think it makes the most sense.  Ok, I’ve already changed my mind.  Here’s a picture.


You can see where the former backsplash was.  It was the same as the countertops — white tile framed in a light wood.  I really like the look of a smooth countertop with tile being the only backsplash (as opposed to the countertop creeping up the wall).  But I started to worry about a couple of things.  One, the cost of the tile.  It’s not cheap.  Two, who would install it?  Would we?  The web makes it look easy, but I can’t imagine it is.  Three, if we did it ourselves I worried about several things — the mess, the outcome, the probability that it wouldn’t get done.  If we hired someone to do it I worried about cost.  And, again, when were we going to get around to hiring someone?  I really started to worry that we would have this amazing new kitchen that would never be quite finished.  So, Carlos is coming back and I hope to have a finished product soon.

In the meantime, the old fridge is on the curb waiting patiently for the city to come pick it up.  My neighbors, however, have not been so patient.  I have gotten a phone call and hostile emails with CAPITAL letters telling me what an eyesore it is and how it needs to be removed.  Well, what can I do?  We bought the $35 appliance sticker, put it on the fridge, have the fridge on the curb and have contacted the city to tell them they missed picking it up (they assured us last week they’d come and get it).  It still sits there.  I don’t know what my neighbors expect me to do.  If they are so upset about it, I don’t see why they don’t contact the city to complain as well.  They continue to complain to me as if I’m deliberately preventing the city from picking it up.  I’ve really had it.

On an unrelated note, a friend of mine is attempting to write a novel.   More specifically, she is attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in March.  She has invited others to join her in this adventure.  I admit that I’m considering it.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know where to begin.

Maybe it could start off like this, “My friends want to talk about Project Runway but ever since it moved to Lifetime, I don’t watch it.  Frankly, I forget what day it’s on.  Could I get a reminder?” 

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