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We knew it was coming

Although I knew it was coming, I have to say I’m tearing up a bit.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how much the Court has changed since I was in law school.  Soon there will be four different sitting justices from when I was a wee 3L.  Crazy. 

Terry had texted me a few weeks ago that she had met someone who knew a clerk of Justice Stevens and had been informed that he would be announcing his retirement shortly.  It had also been widely reported that he had hired only one clerk for the coming term (instead of four or whatever crazy number they get).  And, of course, he is 89 years old.  It was also pretty clear that he had been waiting out Bush’s term and hoping a Democrat (despite being a Republican himself — back when Republicans were reasonable, moderate, responsible people) would be able to fill his spot on the bench.  And though I have no doubt Obama will nominate someone capable, bright and thoughful to replace Stevens, no one will really be able to replace Stevens.  Although I didn’t always agree with him, I have been a great admirer of his for many years.  He is such a sincere, passionate, honest jurist it is impossible not to be.

I hope Justice Stevens has some quality years ahead of him because he deserves a nice retirement. 


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