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Today we did a lot. At least that’s what my feet are telling me. Sleeping was rough last night and I didn’t fall asleep hard until around 6 am. That was a bummer, but it was really fun to watch the election results come in. The Brits are so cheeky, even when reporting serious news. So, the Parlaiment is now hung, but life seems to be going on.

We didn’t get going today until almost noon, but we immediately set out on the tube and took it straight from our stop, Notting Hill Gate to Westminster. From there we walked and walked, stopping for a bite and a double espresso at a dumb restaurant outside the Treasury building. We walked around the outside of the Parlaiment building and Westminster Abbey; walked through Victoria Gardens Park; spied on the Thames (saw that crazy London Eye from across the river); walked through St. Margaret’s church, which I loved; strolled on the outskirts of St. James’ park and on up to Trafalgar Square. Then we walked down to Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, down Picadilly to Picadilly Circus, through Leicester Square and walked through Chinatown. Finally, we took a double-decker bus back home, using our beloved Oyster card. I’m wiped out. And it has now started to rain.

I took tons of pics today, but forgot the iPhone so the iPhoto of the day is a view of our flat’s private garden as seen from my spot on the couch in the living room.

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