Gastrotour, This Is Not

Although it didn’t seem like we did much today, my barking dogs are telling me otherwise. First, though, a word on cuisine. The English, of course, are not known as the greatest food minds in the world. That said, I have seen – if not necessarily partaken of – some great looking food. While we have been out, really, for only one proper meal (Chinese in Bayswater, which was delicious), we had a total yumsville pasty in Bath, tasty tea and finger sandwiches yesterday and absolutely fantastic Indian take-away on Sunday night. So fantastic, in fact, that we have been nibbling at the leftovers since and I was informed this morning that they are no more. But that’s really about it. We’ve been here six days now and have largely subsided on Brie, bread and crisps. Sometimes we throw in some tomato or a Clementine for good measure. After a long day of doing, I find I often just want to come back to the flat, put my pajamas on and my feet up, sip a Pimm’s and snack on cheese and crackers. Oh, and of course watch the telly to learn whether this country has a government or not.

Second, I have been having camera problems here. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I frequently forget to take my iPhone with me for the day, which means the photo du jour will have to come from inside the flat (I can’t sync up my camera to the blog here). Then, in Bath, the regular lens for my DSLR camera completely broke so now I have only zoom lens capabilities. Also, I brought only one memory card – mistakenly – so I have to switch them back and forth between the cameras. And then today – a great sightseeing day – I forgot to put the battery I was charging back in the camera I had brought with us for the day. ARGH! I did, though, remember the iPhone so please pretend to appreciate the blurry iPhone pic of British schoolkids doing their schoolwork in front of the Rosetta Stone.

Today was a trip to the British Museum, the Tate Modern, a walk across the Thames on the Millenium Bridge, a stroll over to St. Paul’s and a stop at a pub for a pint before continuing down Fleet Street before we caught the Tube for home. Home.


3 Responses to “Gastrotour, This Is Not”

  1. 1 Raoser May 11, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Ok, those little kids in their little hats are flippin’ adorbs. I mean, really. It’s like a live-action “Madeleine” book. I know that’s a French thing but close enough.

    Now, your dogs are right. You walked a lot.

    I’m so glad to hear the Indian “take-away” was fantastic! Hooray! I would’ve felt bad and been a little disappointed if it was sub-par. I’d be thrilled to enjoy an evening of Pimm’s, cheese and crackers and the telly on my holiday. I think you’ve got the perfect balance going- touring the city all day and some genuine r & r in the eve! Excellent work putting your vacation time to good use!

  2. 2 Kristin May 11, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Ha – I was about to say the same thing as Sarayu. Just like an English Madeline!
    You’re flat sounds so cozy, how can you not already be calling it home. Can’t wait to see all the pics when you’re back. Hugs.

  3. 3 gwendolyngarden May 12, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Ok- I third Kristin and Sarayu. How cute. I think the Indian food is the best part about English food!

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