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I Spoke Too Soon

Oops. After writing about our derth of restaurant outings, we did a 180 degree turn. Last night we went out and tried to get a spot at Notting Hill’s oldest pub, but couldn’t. Instead we walked to a spot a few blocks from our flat recommended by none other than Her Highness Gwyneth: Taqueria. As you may imagine, the cuisine was Mexican. It was quite tasty, but overpriced.

Today we ventured out to Hampstead, a beautiful borough known for its large Heath. After trying for miles (it felt like) to locate some super old pub we’d read about – up the hill, down the hill – we landed upon it! But it was closed for ‘refurbishing.’ So, up the hill, down the hill we went and turned onto a side street where we stopped to have a pint outside. Lovely. Down the hill and then up the hill we went, until we stopped for some completely delicious pizza at the omnipresent London chain Pizza Express. Seriously, it was yumsville. Now we are having a pause. Tonight we have a late reservation at St. John’s, a place recommended by all of the guidebooks and Andrea. Additionally, it’s some restaurant Aaron has long wanted to try, famous for things like bone marrow & parsley salad. At least the pizza was good.

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