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Summer is here!

This is probably old news to most of you, but it just sort of hit me today.  It hit me in the weirdest possible way, too.  I was biking into work and shortly after passing Camp Randall, I got a craving to go to a football game.  It occurred to me, then, that I would not be going to any football games until summer’s over.  Which means that summer is here!  Hooray!

So, what are you kids up to this summer?  I’m playing on a tennis team (as usual and, as usual, not playing very well) and taking the annual family trip up north to Presque Isle for a week of lounging by the lake, reading crappy novels, taking naps, kayaking, playing Scrabble and eating yummy food with family.  We’re also headed out to Colorado at the end of this month for my friend Ingrid’s wedding.  I’m so excited about this because it’s a part of Colorado I’ve never been to — Durango.  Not easy to fly to, either, I will tell you.  At least from Madison.  We are flying Madison to Milwaukee to Denver to Durango, which — incidentally — was significantly cheaper than flying out of Milwaukee.  I digress.  I am really looking forward to the wedding because I know it will be a blast, but I’m also really looking forward to checking out some national parks in the area that have all sorts of preserved Aztec ruins.  Ruins!  Love them.

Anyway, so that’s about all that’s scheduled, I think.  I’d like to get some state park action in, as well as maybe some canoe time out on our lovely lakes.  Right now, though, I’m enjoying biking into work and hitting the tennis ball around.  Life is pretty good.

Except for this craptastic oil spill.  Ugh.

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