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Speaking of babies

Only partially because I worry that I have alientated you, Dear Reader, I am going to turn to the ever-loved subject of babies.  Well, sorta.  Is anyone else out there watching the genius that is Bethenny Getting Married?  As we already knew, Bethenny Frankel is the most charismatic, funny, brilliant member of the franchise that is Real Housewives.  As one of the only members of the series that didn’t have a husband, or children, her plight was different than most of the others’.  Now she has her spin-off and it’s 100% awesomeness.  It is incredibly low on negative drama and incredibly high on laughs and silliness.  The title should probably change since season one (will there be more?) is not complete and she’s already married and honeymooned.  She’s now prepping for her baby, which is the major focus of the show.  It’s a show about a woman who marries her dreamy guy (so charming and just this side of straight) while multiple months preggers.  Now they await the arrival of the baby.  And boy are they unprepared.  Neither has ever changed a diaper and they have two hours of babysitting experience between them.  This leads to unexpected gems of dialogue like this:

Bethenny (in referring to what she has just seen on the ultrasound): “It’s a mush, a blob and there’s a heartbeat.  It could be an alien.  I could be giving birth to a platypus.  I have no idea, nor do I care, I just want it to be healthy.  And a girl.”

This show has made my life only better.



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