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I used to think of myself as someone who really hated change.  Things are tolerable, why change?  I don’t think I’m really like that anymore.  While I may not embrace change like some, I think I’m pretty open to doing things differently now and then.  Particularly when it makes a lot of sense to change things up and the only thing holding back the change is sentimentality or tradition.  Not that the latter two things aren’t important, but I try not to overvalue them and instead focus more on function and purpose.  Though not always.

But here’s one thing I don’t get: why are websites always changing?  I know I am guilty of that somewhat with my blog — I change the layout from time to time — but I don’t think I’ve done anything that ever creates any confusion.  It seems that facebook makes weird layout changes weekly and I just noticed that wordpress, the host for this blog, has gone on and changed things up and I’m trying to adjust to it.  And don’t get my started on flickr’s latest changes!  The thing is, there are things I’d really like to change about all of those sites and they all pertain to function and making things more intuitive.  But these are not the changes that have been imposed.  No, no.  They just seem to be change for the sake of change.  Something I really have trouble supporting.

But, on the other hand, here’s a change I can really get behind.  It feels like the tide is really turning.  And that is something I support.

And, finally, on a lighter note: a shout out to Terry with oodles of thanks for sharing this. I didn’t think the first ones were all that funny, but as I paged through I had trouble containing my laughter and admit to doing a spit-take or two.


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