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And here we go again…

As I have said numerous times, sometimes life feels like a collection of efforts to ensure you are not walked all over.  And so it is again today.  I looked at my credit card statement and discovered we had incurred a $250.00 charge from the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee where we stayed the weekend of August 20 to join my family for Irish Fest and other fun times.  Assuming that the charge was a mistake — as I had prepaid for the room weeks earlier — I called the hotel to tell them so.  Not so, says the Hyatt Regency.  The hotel — and a particular woman named Nancy — insist that Aaron and I were smoking in the room and the $250.00 is a fine for that abhorrent behavior.  Despite all of my pleadings and rantings that no such thing happened and that no such thing was even possible, Nancy told me she “stood by” her accusation and had the pictures to prove it!  Now knowing that it was impossible that she had pictures that would show that we were smoking — since it never happened — I asked her if she would email me the pictures.  She stated that she would not, but that I could subpoena them from her.

Here’s the thing.  Neither Aaron nor I smoked in that room.  It just didn’t happen.  It.  Did.  Not.  Happen.  Could a cigarette butt somehow have found its way into the room on a shoe or something?  I suppose that’s possible, but unlikely.  And even if that’s what happened, there still was no smoking in the room so the $250.00 fine is absurd.  Additionally, how do I know that these pictures — I can only guess that they are pictures of a cigarette — are of my room and were taken immediately upon me checking out?  How does Nancy know that?  The charges were placed on my card on August 24 — two days after we had left Milwaukee.  Why did it take two days? 

So angry.  So angry.  So angry.

So my letter writing campaign has begun again.  Letters to the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee , the Hyatt Corp in Chicago, the Federal Trade Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer Protection have been drafted and are about to be in the mail.  I spent 30 minutes on the telephone with Capital One to start the dispute process.  [I was told it would be difficult because I don’t have any evidence that I was not smoking.  True, of course, but really?]

If this route doesn’t work, I guess I’ll be filing a complaint in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.  Thankfully, I already have several lawyers on hand to assist me.  And, me being one myself shouldn’t hurt. 

So, here we go again.  Whatever happens, I will never stay at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee again and I hope you will not either.  Absurd. 

Addendum:  This article is more than two years old but is spot-on.  And infuriating since I pleaded my innocence and was met with hostility and because the hotel did not inform me of the charge in any way.  I am SO ANGRY.  I will never stay at a Hyatt again. 


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