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Aaron and I saw The Town yesterday.  I liked it; Aaron was not overly impressed; and Sarayu should think twice before she sees it as there’s a lot o’ violence.  I thought it was a pretty fun nail-biter, though the ending was a little…well, soft.  Ben Affleck has really turned out to be quite a good director, in my — sniff sniff — insignificant opinion.

There’s no one I really like on Project Runway this season.  At least not yet.  I don’t like Gretchen or Ivy, obviously.  I like Michael somewhat, but I can’t tell if it’s only because everyone is so mean to him.  But there’s no Andrae or Chloe or Leanne or Daniel(s).  There’s no certainly no Santino!  And although I don’t like Gretchen and Ivy, I can’t even get that excited about not liking them, which could happen from time to time with folks like Kenley or, you know, Santino.  We’ll see.

Also, a word on sighing.  Yes, sighing.  I looooooooooooooove the sound of Gracie’s sigh.  It’s just so adorable.  And so confusing to me.  Why does she sigh?  Ben once told me that she sighs for the same reason I sigh.  Hmm.  Is that true?  Why do I sigh?  Maybe I’m not aware of how often I sigh.  I think of sighing as a sign of exasperation or forlornment or resignation or fatigue or sometimes, contentment.  It also seems like something one usually does on purpose.  But Gracie’s sigh doesn’t seem deliberate.  It just seems…calm.  Like she’s really at peace.  Like she can really settle down and is letting it all go.  Like she’s telling herself, “Look, the mail already came so you are done with the barking job of the day, your people are both home and safe, the dog next door is inside his house and not in your backyard.  You can now rest.  Good job.”  So cute!  My favorite sound.


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