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Pause to rant

What I really wanted to post, what I intended to be my next post, was a love letter to the great state of Wisconsin and, specifically, a note to the city I call home, Madison.  But I have to hit pause on that while I complain about something going on in Wisconsin.  His name?  Ron Johnson.

Who is this idiot and why is he, supposedly, faring well in the polls?  I cannot understand this.  I get that the economy sucks, which is never good for incumbents, but Ron Johnson?  What in the hell is going on?

It goes without saying — though I will — that Wisconsinites should be extremely proud to call Russ Feingold their Senator.  There is no one finer.  At least no one who is willing to run for such a major office.  But even if he were merely mediocre, what is the meaning of the world when Ron Johnson is running a campaign that people are taking seriously?

Johnson’s latest?  Oh, this is good.  This is Onion-quality good.  He tells us that he is going to put a “cap” on federal spending in some areas.  Where?  Oh, he won’t say.  He doesn’t want to be “attacked.”  WHHHHHAT the WHHHHHAT?  So, here is a guy running for the United States Senate on the Republican ticket who tells the great people of Wisconsin, “I’m going to put a limit on how much the United States spends in some programs, but I can’t tell you which programs because I’m scared someone will be mean to me.  It’s a secret!  Shh!!I don’t want anyone to get mad at me while I’m running my campaign.  But once I get into office, BAM!  There goes education!  Or there goes infrastructure!  There goes defense!   But you won’t know until I get there!  For now, you just have to guess!  And vote for me!  Hee hee.”  How in the hell is this a serious campaign?

Once again, America, you have me baffled.


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