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I am really kicking myself for taking this long to make a new post.  I have had lots of ideas for topics, but have yet to sit down and write about any of them.  As you may have noticed.  I’m really just writing this post so that you don’t forget about me or give up on me (I’m hoping that you haven’t already). 

In my defense, November has been a rough month.  It’s the month where I really remember that winter is coming again and that it’s going to be dark too much of the time.  Even when it’s day, it’s dark.  And then there was the election, which was incredibly disappointing.  It’s not a good time to be a State worker.  Sometimes I can’t believe that my parents, one a State attorney like me and the other a social worker for the county, raised a family in Nakoma — they had a nice house, good meals, sent me to camps and college…I can barely afford my one-bedroom condo.  Anyway, yes, the election.  And I got some disappointing personal news, as well.  So, not a good month.

I am trying to look on the bright side, though.  Aaron and I are hosting 15 for Thanksgiving on Thursday and continuing to plan our New Year’s Eve party, which this year will be in Door County and will include a wedding.  Here’s to hoping December is a beautiful month!

[Addendum: yesterday’s game was fantastic!  While I think firing Childress is probably the right thing to do, they really need to bench Favre.  That Jackson looks like he could be a good quarterback, but he’s never going to be as long as the Drama King stays in the game.  The problem with benching Favre, though, seems to be that he might not come out — he doesn’t appear to listen to anyone — so then they’d have a 12-men-on-the-field problem.]


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