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It might be spring

It’s possible that it’s spring, but the signs are very confusing. For example, there is this:

Backyard snow, April 20, 2011

On the other hand, there is this:

Gracie with snow-surviving flowers

This week marks the first Wednesday Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd farmers’ market of the season! It’s always a small affair, but this year’s appeared smaller than usual due (I suspect) to yesterday’s craptastic snow/hail/sleet/rain storm, as well as today’s chilly weather. Still, there were some hardy souls.

First Wednesday Farmers' Market 2011


There was a wee bit of a green. And I mean a wee bit. One of the six stands was selling greenery – some tasty looking spring salad mix, which we bought. It warmed my heart to see. We gravitated toward it. And we weren’t the only ones — the proprietor told us someone had seen the salad from her office in the city/county building and come down to look and said, “I spotted green!” It’s a welcome sight.

Early spring greens

Aaron bought delicious cheese curds, as well, but the most noteworthy stand for me was the Jamie’s and Son dessert stand. Jamie’s used to be a cookie shop on State Street that served the world’s most delicious cookies. It’s been closed for a number of years (update: apparently it closed in 2007 — I had thought it was earlier), so I was heartened to see this apparent revival. The stand today didn’t appear to be selling cookies, but I’m keeping my eye on this one.

Revival of the great Jamie's cookie?


In sum, as I’ve said a million times, I heart Wisconsin.

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