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And nursery glider…take two!

So, after all of my fretting and griping about the glider, and after finally making the decision to pull the trigger on one, I came down with a serious case of Buyer’s Pre-remorse. I can’t say it was a full-fledged case of Buyer’s Remorse because I didn’t have the actual product in front of me to rue. But I was pretty sure I would be full of rue (rueful, if you will) when the glider arrived on my doorstep. As I was swimming in the flood of these feelings, I got an email from Hayneedle (the company through which I bought said glider) apologizing and informing me delivery of my purchase was going to be delayed until January 13. With the baby due in March, and the glider ordered at the end of December, I realize waiting until mid-January could hardly be called an inconvenience, but I took it as a sign (read: opportunity) to cancel my order and begin my search anew. I emailed Hayneedle to ask if the order could still be canceled and I was ┬ásurprised to receive a reply from a real human being almost immediately. Real Human Being told me she would check with the vendor and get back to me in two days’ time. Well, the very next day there was an email from Hayneedle telling me my order had been successfully canceled! How awesome, I thought. What a great company, I exclaimed. And now I get to search for the perfect glider all over again, I mused.

Shoot. Now I *get* to search for the perfect glider all over again. Oops.


January 2012

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