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The first rule of bringing home a newborn is…

Ok, I have no idea. But what I would say so far is to be prepared for anything. And I don’t really mean that baby-wise, though obviously that fits, too. I mean it more in, all bets seem to be off in terms of others’ behavior. Because it’s a given (or so I thought) that you never just invite yourself over to an acquaintance’s house, I thought it would be a given that you don’t invite yourself over to an acquaintance who just had a newborn’s house. Apparently, though, this is not the case. We have already had at least four friends/acquaintances invite themselves over. Three of the four have never been to our house before, nor do they know where we live. They’re all nice people, of course, but this time with Baby Girl is so precious and I’m just not ready to share it with folks we aren’t super close to. I really hope I don’t sound like a total ass, but I don’t understand why anyone who isn’t family or a bestie would think it’s ok to invite yourself over to see someone’s baby. It seems to me this stage of Mollyhood should be limited to visits from family and friends who are like family. Or, at the very least, people who know where we live. Rule of thumb, I say: if you need directions, you shouldn’t ask to come over to hold a new baby.

That said, I have loved and appreciated all of the great support we have gotten from our family and good friends in the past months and days and hours and minutes. And that very much includes you, Dear Reader; specifically, the long-time readers of this blog. I appreciate more than ever those of you who have been with me through the sad, sad pumpkin and were so understanding, consoling and kind to me then, and have stayed with me and been so loving and generous and supportive as I have expelled a new person into this world. I hope you know how much you mean to me, to all three, sorry Grace, four of us. Thank you.

PS- Yesterday was the birthday of Greatest Actress of Our Generation, so a big happy birthday to GAOG from all of us at Life & Puppies. GAOG has been busy hobnobbing with A-listers (who else?), observing heart surgeries and trying on sleek black dresses to wear in her new pilot. Stay tuned for more info on her upcoming project: Chelsea General!


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