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To sleep perchance to rest

I love Sleep so much. I cannot overstate my love of Sleep. And for a long time, our love was mutual. I know it sounds like bragging, but I have to tell you, Sleep and I were besties, really. We were truly close – finishing each other’s sentences, communicating with just a look, sharing a rich, deep history. Sleep was always there for me – it had my back and it was loyal to a fault. Lately, though, we’ve drifted. If I’m honest about it, I have to admit we started to have problems somewhere around the beginning of the third trimester. At first, I thought we were just out of sync and I didn’t worry too much. I knew how much we loved each other and I figured we were just going through a phase. But then the phase kept going. And going. I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and moving around hurt a lot, so Sleep started to stay away more and more. And then came Labor and Sleep didn’t visit me for more than 45 minutes! I mean, it was nice of it to come shortly after I vomited all over the delivery room floor, but when I woke up later shaking uncontrollably, Sleep had left the building. Since then, Sleep has come and gone. Mostly gone. I’ve tried to woo it back again by introducing it to Molly, but it seems like there isn’t enough of it to go around for both of us. Molly and Sleep are getting to be good friends – slowly – but they seem to get along best when Molly is in my arms (or someone’s arms). This, of course, prevents Sleep and me from spending much quality time together. Oh, Sleep, please can we just go back to the way things used to be?


March 2012

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