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I remember when I was a kid, I really liked looking through my parents’ wedding album, which was kept under the living room loveseat. Hmm. That seems strange now that I think about it. Why wasn’t it on a shelf? I have no idea. Mom, care to clue me in? Anyway, that album is the only family album I remember. We had boxes and boxes of slides, though no slide machine on which to show them. Instead, when I wanted to look at old pictures, I took out the slides and held them up to the light. This wasn’t very satisfying. When I got a camera, I stuck my photos beneath the plastic sleeves of crappy drugstore photo albums. I didn’t have a lot of these albums because the whole enterprise was deeply unsatisfying. Almost every single one of my photos was out of focus and far from level. Often it was unclear what I had intended to take a picture of. Was I trying to take a picture of the upper half of the boathouse door or my friends standing to the left of it? No one will ever know. And the albums themselves were terrible because they just had one big sheet of plastic paper on each page so the photos never stayed put and, with the photos at odd angles and underneath one another, they made my pictures look even crummier. Egads. I cringe when I think about those albums.

Today, though, things are a little better.¬†Ever since the digital camera came into my life, I’ve pretty much loved taking pictures. I’m still not particularly good at it – I don’t really even understand how a camera works – but digital cameras make it possible for unskilled ignoramuses to get off a good shot once in awhile. And iPhoto and the like make it possible to level out my crooked pictures. In the past, I printed just the photos I thought I’d want to frame so my orders from Snapfish were always for just a couple of photos at a time. I haven’t bought a photo album in years. But now that I have a baby sweet potato, I think I’m going to change that. I registered for some photo albums and we got a few at our showers. I have started slowly with this new endeavor: I ordered copies of all of the photos the hospital photographer took. A couple went into frames, but the rest went into a photo album! As long as that album stays safe — and it’s on a shelf, not under the couch — Molly will be able to page through it some day, giving her the opportunity to see her very first moments. I think that I should do the same thing with our wedding photos and maybe even our honeymoon. And maybe that trip to London and Malta we took. And maybe our family vacations to Presque Isle. I think if I were Molly, I might want to be able to page through pictures of my parents’ lives before I came along and changed everything.


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