Molly’s days out

While we are certainly not the family that jets off to Italy with our newborn or, say, California or Maine with our infant like some families we know (ahem, Heather), we will not let it be said that Molly has not seen a few places in southern Wisconsin. On Saturday, we loaded up the diaper bag — forgetting only a burp cloth — and took to the open road to check out the morel festival in Muscoda, a small town on the Wisconsin River. We went with AO’s lovely friends, Mike & Jess, and their bella bambina, Reilly. This new baby chapter of our lives has unveiled yet another change for us: the caravan. We needed two cars to fit us all. The drive to Muscoda is one of my favorite Wisconsin drives — out highway 14, through Cross Plains, Mazomanie and Spring Green. Lots of pretty land and Recall Walker signs. Muscoda, though, wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be, being a Wisconsin river town in such a lovely part of the state. It had a serious wild-west vibe to it: it felt dusty (of course it was also 90 degrees) and a little lawless. The festival was spread out on the town’s main drag and the only real mushroom-related festivity was a booth serving fried mushrooms. I can’t stand mushrooms, so this wasn’t too much of a bummer for me, but AO left a little unsatisfied.

Best mushroom festival ever!

On Sunday, after a nice morning visit with Molly’s great aunt and uncle, we headed out to Miller Park to see the Brewers clobber the Twins. We met Heather and Dale and the adorbs wonderkid, Lucy, at Steve’s on Bluemound to have a beer and take the shuttle to the game. Before leaving for the game, though, Baby Girl got a little fussy. I took out one of the two bottles of water we bought specifically for on-the-road formula-making pursuits only to realize we’d forgotten a little something: the formula. Good God. What kind of mother am I? I don’t have working boobs for her and now I didn’t even have formula! AO leapt out of the bar to find a drugstore to pay through the nose for some name-branded powder. He returned, having found a tiny canister of Gerber formula selling for $20 behind the counter at a convenience store. Phew. Nothing but the best for Baby Monster. We carried Molly in our arms to and from the game and she sat (mostly) quietly in our arms throughout the game. We were even able to see Molly’s favorite cousin Maggie and her beau, Bryan, before heading home. We consider it a roaring success!

Aaron, Molly & the Brewers

Aaron rode with Mollypop in the back of the car to and from the game, which seemed to make both of them very happy. I felt like I was chaperoning the world’s most important passengers, which I suppose I was. It was a pretty great weekend.


4 Responses to “Molly’s days out”

  1. 1 Jane Roe May 22, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Wish Muscoda had been a better experience. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, just going to places as a family is what matters.

  2. 2 kateandgracie May 23, 2012 at 8:33 am

    It was great! We had a great time!

  3. 3 Kristin May 23, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    I heart mushrooms myself. But I heart you guys more (much more). Go Molly!

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