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Renovations 2.0

Another short post is here! I just want to alert you, Dear Reader, that major changes are set to happen chez moi. Just as we thought we had the nursery under control, a baby girl joined us and now we’ve decided to change everything. Being home for so much time with our current faux-slate (vinyl) floors has made me wish them gone even more than I have wished for a two-bedroom abode. The upside of being home so much is being able to send emails to all sorts of home improvement folks. The downside is similar. On this coming Tuesday, the nice peeps that put in our bedroom floors are scheduled to come and start are new Bamboo-You project: horizontal bamboo flooring to cover all of our first floor. We’ll see how this goes.

We’re also in the slow-moving process of deciding to stay put in the condo for a few more years, which means we intend to put our bedroom downstairs and move Baby Girl’s room into our current room. We’ve asked a contractor to give us a bid on enlarging a closet downstairs and remodeling the small three-quarters bath that is already there. Not surprisingly, we’re more impatient than the contractor so here we sit, two weeks later, still waiting for his bid. C’est la vie.


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