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A nice weekend

A few weekends ago, I was fortunate to attend an old friend’s wedding in a spot new to me: Sonoma County. AO & I decided it would have been too troublesome to try to travel so far over such a short period of time with Baby Bear, so I was sent as our household’s rep. The good doctor and her family made a similar assessment (though Lucifer is a traveling pro), which is how Heather & I found ourselves spending a romantic weekend together at the Hilton Sonoma.

It was truly a lovely weekend. The wedding was simply one of the most beautiful I have ever attended. The wedding party seemed so relaxed and full of joy. The bride and groom glowed. It was perfect: everyone was genuinely happy and loving. Heather and I sat at a table full of strangers that soon felt like friends.

I just want to say a word about our old friend, Brady, the groom. He has made a life for himself in San Francisco that is enviable. He has surrounded himself with good people, people who clearly love him and are happy for his happiness. It is exactly what you want for your friends. And it was wonderful to see firsthand. Thanks for inviting me, Brady. I couldn’t be happier for you. Mazel tov!


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