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I sorta admit it, but I don’t care

I am pretty into Parenthood. The show. I wasn’t right away, but then I got hooked sometime in the middle of season two. Look, I know it’s no Homeland or The Office or Parks & Rec or The Wire, but come on, people, those shows are crazy good. And sometimes we just need a little melodrama, don’t we? I admit that Adam can drive me crazy (he really needs to let his eyes settle into his head and try to keep them there – they don’t need to be bugging out all the time) and Max makes me anxious about autism and Sarah is just an annoying person because Lauren Graham is an annoying actress. Ok, but despite that, I love Amber and Crosby and Sydney and Camille. Kristina has really grown on me (so much so that I couldn’t handle the thought of losing her last night and repeatedly and nervously assured Aaron – read: me – that there was no way the show could kill her off). I admit that it can be a little (melo)dramatic, but it’s not like it’s ER or Grey’s Anatomy where all of a sudden a bus of burning blind children comes barreling through the hospital that just lost power and we have to wait and watch in terror as people scramble to save lives in the dark. For the most part, the stuff on the show is pretty normal, every day kinda stuff: relationships, marriage, divorce, parenting, job stress, money stress, life stress, etc.

Nonetheless, I can laugh with SlateĀ taking some jabs at it. The fact that Slate is devoting a bunch of time to this show that us old people are watching, though, shows that they’re watching it — and hooked on it — too. I consider myself in good company.


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