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It’s the holidays. It’s true.

Especially in light of the horror of last week’s events, I think we are all taking extra time to be grateful not only for our health and safety, but for the little things in life that make us happy and full of wonder (the good kind). I have been hugging Bear closer and kissing her more often (which I didn’t think possible). But in addition to all of the really important things for which I’m grateful, I’ve also been recently reminded how grateful I am for the movies. I don’t mean this in any sort of trivial manner. As you know, Dear Reader, I love the movies and am often left in awe at a good movie’s ability to transport me to someplace else, to make me think of things in a new way, to make me wonder at things I never thought to wonder at. AO & I saw Lincoln on Saturday (thanks again to the Madison grandmas for watching Bear) and it really was amazing. I was worried that it would be too dry or melodramatic or bellicose, but it was none of those things. Thanks again, Mr. Spielberg, for lifting me up and leaving my mind spinning. I appreciate it more than I can ever say.

The holiday movie, as a genre – or more specifically the Christmas movie because I suppose Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve could be subcategories of The Holiday Movie genre – is particularly fun. I think a good one usually consists of a lot of sparkle, a little adversity and plenty of good cheer. So, let’s talk favorites. It’s a Wonderful Life tops the list for me for obvious reasons. As for other classics, Miracle on 34th Street really never gets old. I also have always enjoyed Christmas in Connecticut and need to see Holiday Inn again because I remember thinking it was pretty nifty. More recently made favorites include The Holiday (I can’t help it: I always watch it when it’s on), The Family Stone (Diane Keaton AND Rachel McAdams? What’s not to like?), While You Were Sleeping (I love Sandra Bullock in a Chicago toll booth taking subway fare with a passport in her pocket ready to head to Florence should the moment present itself) and Love, Actually (because it is actually pretty damn fun). As for the movies set at Christmas time but that don’t exactly make you feel warm & fuzzy, I think I’d probably put Die Hard at the top of my list.

I know I’m forgetting a million (some deliberately) so please tell me what flicks put you in the holiday mood. And happy holidays!


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