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AO & I took off the three work days in between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so that has meant we have had a nice, long break. AO will have had, in sum, two weeks off from work when he heads back because he stayed home with Bear the two days last week that her day care was closed due to the blizzard. Because we are bad parents, or maybe because we are good ones who know our limits, we sent Bear to day care today and the previous two days. Hey, we’re paying for it whether she goes or not. And we wouldn’t want her to forget what school was like and traumatize her when she inevitably returned in the new year. Anyway, it’s been a really, really nice break so far. So, I’ll keep you in suspense no longer. I bring you, in no particular order, the top ten things of my holiday break.

  1. Bear clapping when my mom opened her iPad, which is a gift from us & Severa, and is engraved “Grandma’s iPad.”
  2. Seeing a double feature yesterday: This Is 40 followed by Silver Linings Playbook.
  3. Drinking coffee & a Bloody Mary (made from AO’s own mix) & doing a deep conditioning treatment (thanks, GAOOG) on my hair as I type this.
  4. Using my savvily-bought $39 voucher for an awesome massage at Elevation.
  5. Finally using my $200 Groupon to get that awesome Maurice Sendak Magic Flute poster framed (though I didn’t enjoy the frame shop worker not knowing who Maurice Sendak was). The total was $210.
  6. Seeing Bear sleep in my mom’s arms on Christmas Day.
  7. Taking Bear to day care yesterday in my nightgown and leggings. No bra. Sometimes Wisconsin weather has its advantages. #wintercoat
  8. Eleven days off of work in which I have thought only a handful of times about the papers still left to grade and the petition for certiorari that I have to file upon my return to the grind.
  9. Time with my family, including a bizarre series of texts in which my aunt Terry insisted John Hughes’ glorious romantic comedy detailing the heartache of high school with just the right amount of class commentary is actually a horror movie; specifically that it is Carrie. How she confused Molly Ringwald with Sissy Spacek is one mystery that I don’t think can be solved.
  10. Wednesday’s nap and the nap that I see in my future for today.

Honorable mention: going to Green Bay to see the Packers rout Tennessee & watching Rodgers do a Lambeau leap.

Happy New Year, all!


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