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No pics of the shower!

So the shower that dominated my life for so long came and went and I hardly took one pic. What can I say? The day got away from me.


Mason jars with fabric & twine


Date night tongue depressors


Masking tape toothpick flags



90 some shortbread cookies taking a break



The before shot

And I had such good intentions to get some shots of the bunting on that pretty oyster-colored burlap. Sigh.


Shower sneak-peek

This weekend we’re hosting a wedding shower for my spectacular cousin Maggie and her so-so fiancĂ© Bryan (kidding. Or am I?). Anyway, I hope it’s fun, I hope the spouses-to-be enjoy themselves and I hope my shortbread cookies turn out ok.


It was 6:15 am on Saturday

Oy, she gets up early. So today is the day. We bought blackout shades. We waited (not patiently) at Home Depot for someone to save us from our nasty early morning lifestyle. We went home with our purchases (cut to fit cheap-o – though not as cheap as garbage bags – roller shades) and I ripped off the garbage bags. Before I did, though, I took a pic of what the room looked like on a bright Saturday afternoon in August.

3:30 pm, Saturday, August 17

3:30 pm, Saturday, August 17

Dark, right? So, why am I messing with this amazingly dark space? It’s not just because garbage bags don’t complement my aesthetic style.

Garbage bags and masking tape

Garbage bags and masking tape

It’s because sometimes, like say in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, I’d like to be able to let some light in.

I forget: am I supposed to let her play with plastic bags or not?

I forget: am I supposed to let her play with plastic bags or not?

So, the bags came down and the shades went up. Well, they went up after AO made a run to the hardware store to get a new drill bit in order to go through the metal door. And here’s the result:



Yes, that’s light coming through. Right onto her bed. On the end that she puts her head. So, stay tuned for Will They or Won’t They Move the Bed? It’s sure to be at least as fascinating as Will Blackout Blinds Keep Bear Happily in Bed until Seven?

Change is hard

I like to think I’m open to change, but I don’t think I really am. I mean, yes, I’d like to see the big bankers prosecuted, I’d like to see the crazy money out of politics and I’d like to fully fund our public schools. Those are changes I can get behind, that I’d celebrate, that don’t scare me in the least. As for change closer to home, though? It’s hard. For example…

We are finally going to be able to send Bear to a day care that doesn’t have us driving miles in the wrong direction from work. We are going to be able to spend more time with Bear, less time in the car, and less time stressed about, well, time. We are going to be able to send her somewhere with an excellent reputation, unbelievably low turnover, blocks from our office, and competitively priced. It’s a non-profit center that’s been around since before I was born that is beloved by parents and kids alike. We’re really lucky.

So what’s the problem? It’s change. And I’m scared. And I’m emotional. And I’m worried. I know it’ll be fine. Bear will eventually love it, I’ll eventually love it, and – I hope – the teachers will come to love Bear. But right now? Right now we have a great, safe, loving place to send our daughter. When we first started sending her there, she couldn’t crawl. She couldn’t sit up on her own. Now, she walks into the place like she owns it. With a smile on her face and a confidence in her step. She is greeted with hugs and kisses and giggles. She is loved right where she is. And it’s very hard for me to willingly say goodbye to that. At least hard for me to do without shedding a few tears.

August 2013

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