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So. Much. Crap.

New house with crap from old house

New house with crap from old condo

Everything up from the basement in the condo

Everything up from the basement in the condo



Ta da!

Ta da!



Seriously empty

Seriously empty

I seriously can't believe this is empty

I seriously can’t believe this is empty

Big kudos and lots of gratitude to AO for all of his work to make the basement look like this. I did work, too, but I hung with Molly for most of Saturday while he did the final (read: five) load(s).



I think we should probably move every two years or never move at all.

Molly's empty room

Molly’s empty room

Remember when this was her room?

Remember when this was her room?

Bye-bye, condo. Thanks for a good run. You will be missed. Especially come December.

We're really leaving. I swear.

We’re really leaving. I swear.

And ... scene!

And … scene!


Closing time

It’s been more than nine years since my first and only house closing (I’m not counting all the refinancing that’s been done) and today – gasp! as long as everything goes according to plan – marks the first time I’ve ever sold a house! That’s right, loyal readers, at 2 p.m. today, we sell the only home I’ve ever owned and at 3 p.m., we buy our first single-family, more-than-one-bedroom, backyard-having, free-standing forever home. At least that’s the idea. Wish us luck?

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like a dumpling?

For whatever reason, today has been particularly hard. So, to distract myself from my grief, I asked AO to go on a walk with me at lunch. I wanted to walk down to the furniture store on West Wash in the hopes of finding all of the perfect pieces to fill up our new home. That didn’t happen, but I do like the shop (and am excited about the new consignment companion shop they’re in the process of opening) and the walk was nice. On the way back up the hill to work, I suggested we take a detour and check out Paul’s Pel’meni restaurant that we always talk about going to, but never do. It was sort of a strange choice for me because I ate AO’s homemade pelmeni the night before. But, really, who could ever eat enough dumplings? Actually, at this very moment, I’ll say that I am dumpling-sated. Maybe even saturated. These dumplings are taste-a-licious, though, and I highly suggest you get over there and get yourself some.


Very simple menu. Do you want meat or potatoes or both? Obviously, both is the right answer. Do you want the works? If you’re me, who is boring, you don’t chance it, but you sample AO’s (sans sour cream) instead. If you’re everyone else in the world, you probably do the works.


The works. Pretty right? It was very pretty until he added the demonic sour cream. Then it got a little icky looking for my taste.


Boring? Nah. Tasty!


Despite this cool sign, Gorham Dumplings is not the name of the joint.


Seven days

It’s been a week since we said goodbye and I’ve cried some every one of those days. I miss her so much. I miss her eyes and her paws and her sweetness. I miss her crazy fur and her shedding and her warmth. I miss her love.

Gracie and I went through a lot together. Moving, surgeries (hers), divorce (mine), travel, Molly. She was by my side for over ten years and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. She never judged me or second-guessed my decisions (even when that decision was to bring a screaming baby home). She just curled up on the couch or the bed and let me pet her. She would look me in the eye and seem to say, “It’s ok. It really is.” She seemed to say that again to me on Monday, when we said goodbye.

When I met her in January 2004, I had no idea how she would change my life. I did not know that she was going to snuggle her way into my heart and that I wouldn’t be able to imagine life without her.

And now? Well, now this is life without her. And it’s so very hard.

I miss you, puppy.

April is the cruelest ?$&@&$!?$& month

Early this evening, we made the painful decision that Gracie’s rapid and serious decline in health made it necessary for us to end her suffering and let her rest. We are truly devastated, but feel some solace knowing she is no longer suffering. This blog will go silent for a time as we mourn the loss of our sweet baby girl.

April 2014

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